How Much Does Quality Score Affect Google Ad Costs?

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How Much Does Quality Score Affect Google Ad Costs?

PPC, especially Google Ads, is a complicated strategy to master. However, once you get the hang of the inner mechanics, like Quality Score, you will be on top of your Google Ads in no time. Quality Score has a huge influence on both the cost and effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. In this blog, I am going to focus on how Quality Score affects Google Ad costs.

Think of Quality Score like a credit score… but for PPC. In the same way a credit score affects quality and costs of a loan, Quality Score does the same for your Google Ads.

It’s well worth understanding the complex intricacies of Quality Score if you want your Google Ad campaigns to thrive. Let’s dive into Quality Score and how much it affects Google Ad costs.

What Is Quality Score?

Quality Score is Google’s metric that measures and maintains your Ads account. The numerical value between 1 and 10, rates the quality and relevancy of your Google Ads. The higher the score the better. It is used to determine your cost per click and your ad rankings.

Your Quality Score depends on several factors, including:

  • Click through rate – the CTR of your ads is obviously a huge indicator of their success. The better the ad, the more clicks, the more chances of conversion!
  • Relevance of keyword and ad text – Keywords are judged for their relevance, in association to their ad groups, the ad copy and the landing page. The more relevant the keywords, the better the Quality Score.
  • Landing page quality – A better landing page is a better experience for those who click on your ads. Aim to tailor your landing page around the keyword and subject from the ads, with a clear goal for your users.
  • History of your Google Ads account performance – For those who have had more success on their ad campaigns in the past, the better their Quality Score moving forward.

It’s difficult to know how much each factor influences the Quality Score algorithm so it’s important to hit every target when it comes to optimising your Google Ads account. The better your Quality Score, the higher ad rankings and lower ad costs Google rewards you with.

With all this being said, before we go head first into how much Quality Score affects Google Ad costs, it’s important to note that Quality Score is simply a monitoring metric – the factors that alter your Quality Score are what are ultimately important, and what you should focus your efforts on when optimising your campaigns.

Improve those factors – improve your Quality Score – reap the rewards.

How Much Does Quality Score Affect Google Ad Costs?

When you have a higher Quality Score, it comes with several benefits, including lower costs.

The question of the blog however is ‘how much does Quality Score affect Google Ad costs?’

The simple answer is, quite a lot. One of the most significant rewards Google gives to good Quality Scores is lower costs. A high Quality Score is Google’s way of saying that your ad meets users needs, the more you meet potential customer’s needs, the less Google charges you. This is because they view your ad as more relevant and helpful to the user.

A higher Quality Score gives you a higher ad rank and lower costs in the ad auction.

Graph showing Quality Score on Google Ad costs

How To Improve Quality Score And Google Ad Costs

We know the factors that determine the Quality Score, and we know that a high Quality Score means lower ad costs, but how do we improve the score to gain the benefits?

Relevancy is key when it comes to ads. The more keywords, the lower the chance of the ad being tightly relevant. Splitting ads into narrow, more focused groups can help you reach more targeted audiences.

A good tool to utilise when it comes to Google Ads is split testing. Creating copies of ads with slight variations helps you see which version gains the best Quality Score. This does take a large amount of effort and focus to ensure one ad doesn’t plummet your account’s overall Quality Score. However refining and split testing your ads can help you find the most relevant and compelling ad for searchers., boosting the Quality Score. Keep user intent in mind when writing copy for ads and landing pages.

Speaking of landing pages, this is also a top tip when it comes to boosting Quality Score – creating more landing pages for your ads, to have higher focused, better quality pages for your ad groups. Having a number of landing pages with slight variations, similar to that of the ads themselves, can make a dramatic improvement on your Quality Score. It’s important to mention however, that the goal of optimising these landing pages is to improve those factor that directly impact Quality Score.

Cut out less relevant traffic by identifying and removing negative keywords. Filtering out irrelevant keywords in search queries means your ads will only show up when the ad is highly relevant to the query. More relevant, means higher click through rates, thus boosting your Quality Score.

A low Quality Score, isn’t the end of the world if you keep on top of the ad. If you keep bad ads running, they will ultimately impact your overall Quality Score. Be sure to pause, optimise or if necessary, remove low scoring ads to boost your overall score.

Working With Grow Traffic On Your Google Ads

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