How Much Involvement Should The Marketing Team Have In Web Design?

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How Much Involvement Should The Marketing Team Have In Web Design?

If you’re a business owner or marketer you will inevitably be involved in getting a new website off the ground, whether it’s a brand new website or a reskin, but you’ll be right to ask how much involvement the marketing team should have in the web design and development process.

For most businesses, the website design process is big and requires a team of people to be put in place to get it across the line. Your marketing team should be a part of this team and maybe the lead part of the web design process but that’s not necessarily the case.

Marketing teams are essential in almost every industry. They help businesses to meet the requirements of customers whilst focusing on maximising the profits of a business. But marketing teams have a great deal of variation in their makeup.

In addition to understanding the wants and desires of your businesses customers, the marketing team will also regularly engage in a number of techniques and methodologies to advance the creativity of the output of the business, as well as devising new ways to communicate with customers and potential customers. These qualities make marketers ideal members of the web design team. But generally, marketers don’t have a complete overview of everything happening in a business and so there are numerous other members of staff who should take part in the process.

Web designs are a core part of a business’ ability to swiftly and directly deliver the business’ messages to their customers and potential customers. There are some exceptions, but on the whole, this marketing focus does tend to suggest that the marketing team should take a lead role in the development and design stage.

Of course, there aren’t a lot of marketers with the skillset to design and build a website that would be suitable for a modern corporation. There may be a design and development team within your business, especially if your business provides a tech solution, however, for most businesses it’s necessary to engage a web design agency.

Even if you’ve got an IT team and a product design team you might want to consider bringing in a web design company or a UX consultancy to help with the design and build. Most IT functions are good at what they do, managing and maintaining hardware and systems, but building a website to modern standards won’t be their forte, especially if it’s something the business only does once every few years. In addition, whilst your design team might be fantastic at designing a product, maybe even fantastic at designing user interfaces, you’ll probably find their skills fall short when it comes to modern web design.

Due to the nature of marketing, you’ll probably find one of your marketing team has great project management skills and this is the area where the marketing team can best help bring everything together. They should be able to bring their unique insights into the customer and how they react and create a brief and then project manage the delivery, whilst having waypoints in the projects in which important members fo the wider team can be brought in to ensure everything is going on the right direction.

Involving every member of the marketing team might be too much and as building a new website will take weeks and months, it’s generally best to get the team to work on their day to day tasks and scrutinise the development as things progress. There are skills that members of the marketing team will have that can be brought in at various points, for example, your best copywriter needs to be briefed about the most important bits of copy, your best proofreader should be put in charge of quality controlling the copy etc.

So whilst someone from within the marketing team probably should take a lead role you want to get the main stakeholders involved too. These might include the person who has the biggest connection with the brand, this may be a brand manager, CEO or founder; a salesperson who has first-hand contact with customers and understands the objections they’re trying to overcome; a designer, a front end and back end developer, and perhaps other department leaders who feel strongly enough to want to have an influence on the site.

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