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How Much Should I Pay For A Blog?

As a good SEO Copywriter, I blinking love blogs and blogging. I love writing them, I love reading them, I love sharing them on social media, I love what they can do for your website and your business.

But I understand completely that not everyone ‘gets’ blogging. It’s a strange thing, I know.

Why will writing blogs help my website? Why will writing blogs grow my business? We hear it all the time from our potential clients. And I can see the disconnect – why exactly should writing 1000 words every week grow your bottom line?

If I was a business owner (obviously, I am a business owner, but I own an SEO company, so I’ve got the insider knowledge). If I was any other business owner, I would question why I should fork out a few hundred quid a month just to get someone to write content for my website. How’s that going to help?  

And it’s for this very reason – that the majority of business owners don’t see the value in blogging – that a lot of companies are unwilling to put the money in when they should, to ensure they get the blogging service they need and deserve.

How much should I pay for a blog? Well the answer to that question is simple: it depends how good you want your blogs to be and how well you want them to be able to do what you need them to do.

Like many other things in life, you get what you pay for. Blogging is no different. If you pay bargain basement prices, you get bargain basement blogs, it’s as simple as that.

But what’s the benefit of paying for expensive blogging? Surely 1000 words is 1000 words, whether you pay £30 or £300 for it?  

Well, let’s see if that’s true. Let’s break it down into three easy price points – cheap, reasonable and expensive – and take a look at what you’re going to get for your money if you pay each amount for a blog.

Oh come on, you know you want to!

Cheap Blogs – Between £30 – £100 Each

Having been a Freelance Copywriter in the past, I know an awful lot of Freelance Copywriters and I know that they will write you a blog post for less than £100, sometimes for as little as £30.

Now, before we go any further here, I just want to make it absolutely clear that I am in no way denigrating Freelance Copywriters here. Many of them are absolutely fabulous at their job (obviously, some of them are awful – I don’t know how they sleep at night – but you get that in any profession! All the ones I know are excellent.).

A Freelance Copywriter will be able to churn out 800 words of well-written copy in no time. It will be informative, it will be grammatically correct, it will be written perfectly to your brief and match the tone of voice of your website. In short, it will be a good piece of content, ready to be uploaded to your website and shared on social media.

However, that is where the story ends. For the majority of Freelance Copywriters, all you get for your £40 is the blog itself…you have to provide the keywords, you have to find or create the images, you have to upload it and share it on your social media.

If you pay for a cheap blog, you will literally just get a blog. It’s an hourly rate, essentially, and you’ve only paid for one hour (the writing).

Unless, of course, you have managed to find a freelancer who will do all of those things for you for £30, in which case you’re either incredibly lucky, or your freelancer is incredibly crap. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

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Reasonably Priced Blogs – Between £100 – £200 Each

Now if you’re willing to pay a little bit extra for your blog posts, then boy do you get a lot more bang for your buck. Pay a little bit more, and you get your copy just like you do above, but you also get some added bonus features to go with it.

To start with, if you’re paying more, then you could be getting your blogs from a freelancer still (but probably a better freelancer), or you could be using a Content Marketing or SEO agency, or similar, instead. Basically, there are more options, so it’s likely that the person writing your blogs will have a little bit more SEO knowledge or pertinent resources behind them.

Why does that matter? Well, basically, the entire purpose of a blog is to bring in more traffic to your website, to grow your domain authority, to provide the right type of content to share on social media, to help optimise your website for search engines etc. etc.. Just chucking up any old content on your website will most definitely help – no content is ever a waste of time – but if it’s not the right type of content, if it’s not got the right keywords in it, if it’s not got the correct meta description on it – then you’re essentially wasting half of your own time and money.  

And nobody wants that.

Hence, if you’re paying a little bit more for your blogs, then you should at least be getting the following out of your blogger;

  • Keyword Research – they should have researched the keywords relevant to your website and have tailored the content marketing calendar around it. Basically, you should be writing blogs that focus on your target keywords.  
  • Content Plan – they should have researched the target audience for your content and again shaped the content calendar around it, to ensure the content being written will actually be read by your audience. They should also have made sure the tone of voice and style of writing is correct for your audience.
  • Blog Post Research – they should be researching the majority of blog posts themselves, without relying on you to tell them what to write about and how to write it. There are exceptions to this – for e.g., an external agency might not know the details of the latest project you have just completed; they will rely on you to tell them and probably provide photos too – however on the whole they should be able to research the subject of the blog thoroughly.
  • Original Written Content – they should be delivering a minimum of 1000 words of original content per blog post. What’s more, the post should be well written and optimised for today’s search engine algorithms i.e. contain the correct keyword, ask questions then answer them, contain a snippet etc.
  • Blog Graphics – they should be providing at the very least a title graphic for the blog post, preferably a couple of other supporting images too to make the post more interesting to read.
  • SEO Upload – they should be uploading the blog post to your website for you and making sure the page is optimised too, i.e. the primary keyword should be highlighted, the tags included, the meta description completed, alt text on the images etc.
  • Social Media Post – they should then be promoting your content on social media for you by posting the blog post at least once on one social media platform, preferably more if possible.

You see, it’s very different from just getting a blog post delivered to your inbox each week. Not only will it save you time – as you don’t have to do half the work yourself – but it will also ensure that every blog post uploaded to your website actually stands a very good chance of improving the SEO of your website. Which, after all, is the entire point.  

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Expensive – Upwards Of £200 Each

I’m going to be brutal here;  if you’re paying more than £200 for a blog post then I hope you’ve got a very good reason why!

Maybe you’re getting a post with between 2,500 – 3,500 words (possibly you’ve requested a longer form article)? Maybe you’re getting a detailed infographic? Maybe you’re getting specific reporting on the performance of each post?

Whatever it is, you should certainly be getting a good 3 – 4 hours’ worth of work for that one piece of content.

If you’re not – if you’re still only getting the same level of service as I’ve outlined above – then you’re paying too much. Contact GrowTraffic instead and we’ll make sure you get a better deal!

Where Can I Find A Good SEO Copywriter?

If you’re looking for a reliable content creator, who can produce as many blogs as you need for just £100 a time – and you get all those additional services too – then you’ve just found them!

GrowTraffic are expert content creators and we’ve been creating great content for our clients for over a decade now. What’s more though, is that our content is almost guaranteed to work (we’ve never had a client yet who we’ve failed!). We know how to make sure your content brings in traffic to your website and converts leads into sales, which in turn grows your bottom line.

If you’d like to know more, you can phone us on 0616 706 0012 or email           

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