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How Often Should You Review Your Marketing Plan?

No matter what type of business you have, having a marketing plan is essential as it allows you to guide your marketing efforts. Marketing Managers like yourself spend so much time crunching the numbers, working out what marketing techniques work and creating a marketing budget. And you do all of this with the end goal of developing a very detailed marketing plan.

However, once the hard work is done and your marketing plan is put into action, how often should you check if your efforts are paying off?

As digital marketing experts, we’ve outlined our tips for how often you should review your marketing plan.

Review Marketing Plan When A Campaign Ends

Many digital marketing campaigns have specific start and end dates, which means some of the digital marketing efforts within your marketing plan will have completion dates. When a campaign comes to an end, it will be beneficial to assess if the campaign has worked and how well it has worked.

You should review a marketing plan when your marketing campaigns end

You can then use this information to evaluate other marketing activities within the marketing plan and make any necessary changes.

For example, if a social media campaign ends and has been extremely effective, but your PPC efforts aren’t paying off, you can then amend the marketing plan to put more focus on social media campaigns.

Review Whole Marketing Plan Quarterly

Evaluating your marketing plan regularly is crucial if you want your marketing efforts to be a success. Many marketing managers review the whole of their marketing plan quarterly.

This allows them to compare their marketing efforts to those carried out at the same time last year. It also allows them to review the budget and ensure that the finances are on track.

It’s a good idea to schedule review dates before you put the marketing plan into motion. Be sure to put these review dates in a shared calendar with any necessary colleagues. This way everyone is notified well in advance and will be prepared when it comes to reviewing the marketing plan.

Review Marketing Plan When Something Changes

Inevitably, things change within a business. The business itself changes, digital marketing techniques evolve suddenly, and industry trends often change. These are all changes that may prompt the needs for a marketing plan review.

Changes to your company’s products and service could also lead to changes within the marketing plan. Changes to a product or service often leads to slight changes to the target audience.

This means the marketing plan will have to be reviewed and amended to target the new audience and effectively market the new product or service.

Regularly Monitor Marketing Efforts

Much like your digital marketing budget, the marketing efforts and campaigns within your marketing plan should be monitored regularly.

Now I’m not saying your whole marketing plan needs to be reviewed every week (because who has the time?!). But checking over your individual marketing efforts regularly will be beneficial to your business.

Marketing efforts should be reviewed regularly

It is easier to review your marketing efforts regularly if they are broken down into categories. For example, perhaps you could review your social media campaigns on a specific date each month and then review your SEO efforts on a different date each month.

It’s also beneficial to have a look over your more pressing marketing efforts regularly, particularly if they aren’t working as well as you’d hoped. This way you can focus your digital marketing budget elsewhere rather than wasting time and money on a digital marketing campaign that isn’t working.

Review Marketing Plan With Business Plan Annually

Finally, reviewing your marketing plan annually is an important part of the overall business plan. At the end of each year, you should review which marketing efforts worked well and which ones were ineffective.

You should also review which industry trends and digital marketing trends affected your marketing efforts. This information can help you work out your digital marketing budget for the following year and can help you devise a new marketing plan.

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