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how old is Instagram

Instagram has been around for a long period of time and twelve years to exact. The video-sharing social media platform was launched within eight weeks and went live in October 2010.

The founder thought of Instagram in 2009. Once his idea came to life with his business partner, the first installation of the app launched on October 6th, 2010.

Why Was Instagram Initially Created?

Instagram was initially created to be a photo-sharing platform with many different filters and editing options that are perfect for pictures on a mobile device.

It includes many different features, one of them being the four-square app, which is about you being able to tag photos on your Instagram profile with the people you were with and where it was taken at the time.

The Time Line Of How Old Instagram Is?

The main timeline for how old Instagram is, began right at the very beginning.

Below are the main elements of the timeline:

  1. October 2009

The Founder, Systrom, started to come up with this new project under one of his projects known as Burn.

  1. March-December 2010

Systrom receives the funding for the app whilst still focusing his efforts on his other project. So, another person joins the team. The first project was changed to the handle Instagram, and many people signed up on the first day of the launch. Within two months, they passed the million users mark.

  1. January-September 2011

Instagram adds the first round of hashtags to help other users find images that are similar to others. For example, they have helped raise a certain amount for charity. In June 2011, they reached the five million users mark. September, they reached the ten million users mark. The second and updated version of the app goes live.

  1. April-December 2012

The app released the android version. Facebook takes an interest in this app. In April 2012, they hit over fifty million daily users. Another app that relates to Instagram is called Vine launches. Instagram updates all of its terms and conditions to make things easier.

  1. February-December 2013

They have now hit the one hundred million bracket of daily users. They launched a new option to tag the pictures of where they were taken. The possibility of sharing videos was now an option too. Instagram is now a lot easier to share by using certain links. One of the team members moves to another platform.

  1. March-December 2014

Instagram now has over two hundred million users and has launched its editing tools. A new role was added to the company. This app is now more advertising friendly and has hit a new mark.

  1. January-November 2015

Instagram improves how users can advertise their content. The desktop option has an update to keep it all fresh. Ads are now on a longer timeframe. They launch a new option that is a boomerang. Other areas of support are no longer an option.

  1. February-December 2016

Instagram now allows you to have more than one account and switch between them. At this time, you can now see the number of people who are viewing the video content that you are posting.

Updates have happened all across the board. Chosen comments are now used. Instagram stories have been launched, as well as the zooming-in option and a Windows download option.

9. February-September 2017

The feature of more than one post was launched. You can now upload from mobile and website and decide which posts to archive on your feed. In addition, you can now follow the hashtags that have been mentioned.

  1. April-June 2018

In the latest feature, you now have the option to mute any kind of content you don’t want to see and the possibility of hiding the users that you may not want to see the content that you are posting, for whatever reason that maybe.

IGTV launched to connect with others more, working all their efforts against YouTube.

  1. May-October 2019

At this stage, this platform now allows you to shop through the storefront of users’ shops. You can now see who you are following and who has requested to follow you.

  1. May 2020

Instagram launches a new feature that lets you engage with content creators with similar passions. This also helps you to have difficult conversations with others, such as mental heal

Who Was The First Individual To Use Instagram?

One of the SEO’S of Instagram was one of the first people to use and post to Instagram as an experiment to see how it would look and perform. The only thing he didn’t do on this post included a caption. The option of having a filter was there straight away. Efforts had to be made to show that the first photo that went live could end up being popular.

Social media icons on a mobile phone

How Has Instagram Changed?

Instagram has changed so much since it was launched. The data elements of the app have changed in a way that no one probably thought it would because, as of a few years ago, there are now over one billion people across the world that use this app to interact and engage with others.

How Has Instagram Become So Successful?

The main focus behind Instagram and what it has become is being able to share photos with your friends and family whilst also commenting on them, which leads to more engagements and marketing.

This can also be challenging as you get addicted to this app.

How old is Instagram?

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