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How Should You Tell Your Brand Story On A Website

If you’re wanting your consumers, people, to really love your brand, then it’s essential they feel a connection. This connection is what creates brand loyalty, it ultimately grows into your target market being invested in your every move.

One way to build this loyalty and connection is through your brand story and transparency.

Your brand story is a big part of a modern approach to website design. It engages your consumers, introduces them to your brand, and establishes your identity in a way that should stand out from the rest.

In this GrowTaffic blog, we are going to explore how should you tell your brand story on a website, showcase to you a guide, and the benefits of a successful one.

What Is Brand Storytelling?

Before we explore how should you tell your brand story on a website, we first need to know what it is.

Brand storytelling includes your brand identity:

  • Who you are
  • Who and why your company came to be
  • What motivates you and your team to engage in your work
  • How your product came to be
  • What audiences find value in your brand and what you offer

A brand story outlines the how and why of your company’s beginnings and in what ways those elements drive your brand mission today.

Your brand story is a key component when relationship building with your consumers. It’s all about your consumers and how you can offer value to their life. The development of how you present your story should be customer-focused – they’re the real stars.

Telling A Story With Your Website

Your website serves as a portal to emulate your brand or you as a person. A website is often the first thing consumers can identify and feel a sense of connection. By telling your story with your website, you can greatly influence how that person identifies your brand.

‘The human brain is wired to respond to well-crafted narrative — neuroscience proves that storytelling is the best way to capture people’s attention, bake information into their memories, and forge close, personal bonds.’ – Hubspot

Obviously, your story is going to be different from that of any other company, but that’s what makes your brand stand out from the rest. Here are the key elements that all great brand stories should have in common.

Compelling brand stories are:


Everyone is dealing with and reading a huge amount of content a day. There are millions of brands vying for your attention, telling their brand story and hopping onto bandwagons to become relevant and competitive.

Too many are creating a fantasy to get their consumers attention without actually focusing on what they care about. It’s the story of your brand and what you offer — and that’s vital information, it has to be interesting and relevant to the people you’re trying to reach.


A brand story has to be transparent and personal for your consumers to resonate. Audiences connect with the people in your brand story. Real, relatable individuals with whom they can identify. Let personality drive your brand story.


A strong brand story is all about catching emotion and empathy. It’s not just about what you do, but how you affect the lives of people. If you can emotionally resonate with them in the first paragraph of a blog or the first few seconds of a video, you will have them hooked. 

An emotional connection is a powerful one.


One of the most common mistakes when creating your brand story is overthinking. You end up going off the narrative and say too much, just keep it simple.

Focus your story on an individual/group experience rather than industry-based, this way you’ll give your story a singular focus rather, which makes it easier to connect with your audience.

Keep things simple — simply inspire your narrative with the core values of your brand.


“People hate being manipulated,” said Rickett “if you’re not authentic, people won’t buy what you’re selling them.”

Your brand story is an essential part to showcase the authenticity of your brand. In your brand story, you should be natural, conversational, personal and transparent. These elements are key for a strong compelling brand story.

Tip – Your brand story isn’t just about what you say — it’s how you say it. The way you communicate your message will make all the difference for your business.

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