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How To Add Your Site To Directories

Knowing how to add your site to directories is one facet of an offsite SEO strategy. Directories give the opportunity to gain organic traffic, help searchers find your business, and increase your backlink network.  

Check out this blog for a step-by-step guide for adding your site to directories. 

What Are Web Directories? 

Does everyone remember the Yellow Pages? Yellow Pages walked so that local web directories could run. You could find the details and contact information for local businesses all with the flick of a page. Web directories are very similar, except now it’s with the click of a button.  

A web directory is a database of websites, arranged in such a way that users can navigate their way to a desired website. Before search engines, web directories were the only way to scour the internet for different websites.  

Unlike search engines that use automated algorithms to crawl and index web pages, directories are categorised by human input.  

As the internet began to grow exponentially, the number of sites started to get too difficult for humans to manage. Errors would occur and categories were mixed up… This is one of the many reasons why search engines gained a monopoly over internet navigation. 

Even though web directories are not as popular as search engines nowadays, they are still relevant to SEO.  

Modern directories can be divided into four main categories- 

We focus a lot of SEO (and our blogs) around search queries. **If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ll know all about long-tail keywords.** However, most internet users are still going online to look for local businesses. In fact, recent data suggests that 94% of consumers still use the internet like a directory.


Importance Of Backlink Building  

Web directories are a tool used in SEO strategies to build a strong backlink network.  

Backlink building involves creating hyperlinks on web pages not on your website that redirect traffic toward your site.  

Google views backlinks as a display of credibility and authority. The more your site is referenced and linked to from other sites, the more likely it is that the content is useful. Therefore, backlinks are one of the many tactics used to improve SEO.  

But like most things SEO, it’s not that simple.  

You can probably guess where this blog is going by now… Of course, you can use web directories to create backlinks. However, it’s not just a case of having at it with a bunch of directories and brushing off your shoulders, saying ‘jobs a gooden’.  

When it comes to backlink building, quality is more important than quantity. Sourcing relevant directories that are authoritative and not ‘spammy’ is a must.  

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Preparing To Add Your Site To Directories  

The first step in preparing to add your site to directories is making sure your site is in a good place. 

There is no point directing traffic toward non-existent roads. Or roads that are going to ruin their tyres and have people turning around never wishing to go back. 

Along those lines, before working on directing traffic toward your site, you must ensure your site is in a good place. A website’s bounce rate is an essential metric of SEO that is often undermined.  

The more traffic that diverts away from your site after only viewing one page or being on your website for a short time suggests the content was unhelpful and not what searchers are looking for. Google recognises this and will rank the page lower in search results.  

To avoid this from happening and maintain a low bounce rate, you should make your web pages: 

  • Are content rich.  
  • Have a fast-loading speed.  
  • Are well designed and easily navigational.  
  • Include content that is designed to convert traffic.  

Step-By-Step Process To Adding Your Site To Directories  

  1. Create A List Of Appropriate Directories 

Avoid any spammy directory sites. You can check a directories domain authority for extra assurance.  

You also want to ensure that when choosing to add your site to directories, they are relevant to your business. For example, there is no point for us to be listed on Tripadvisor… Unless you want to pop by our office for a brew and fight over biscuits! 

  1. Make Sure Your Business Isn’t Already Listed 

Especially if you have taken control over an already established business, it’s impossible to know what directories you are or is not listed on. Start by looking up your businesses on any suitable directories to make sure you’re not doubling up.  

  1. Register Your Business  

You will usually need to make an account before adding your business to a directory. This will require confirming your email. 

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  1. Complete The Submission Form 

Every directories submission form will look different, but all ask for similar information. Make sure you are entering your business details accurately, as incorrect information could lead to a loss of traffic.  

When selecting the category your business will go into, make sure it is the one most appropriate to your website.  

Some directories will give you the option to write a description on your business. Ensure your writing is concise, informative and attractive.  

A successful website will have consistent information across all directories.  

  1. Confirm Your Submission 

Some sites will send a confirmation email to say your site has been uploaded to the directory. Go back and access your site through the directory organically to ensure your submission has been successful.  

Get GrowTraffic To Add Your Site To Directories  

Knowing how to add your site to directories and build your backlink network is one discipline of offsite SEO. There is so much more you can do to build your authority and improve your search engine rankings.  

As an SEO agency, GrowTraffic has the tools to excel in your offsite SEO strategy. Adding your site to offsite directories is a fraction of the work we deliver to get your site where you want it to be.  

We are not only dedicated to directing traffic toward your site but make sure it converts once it’s there. For a fully comprehensive SEO strategy that works, get in touch with one of our team today.  

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