How To Dominate At Lead Generation Without Using A Phone

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How To Boost Lead Generation Without Using A Phone

Lead generation refers to the process of initiating an interest in your business’ products or services. Generating leads is essential to every business, converting strangers into clients/customers in order to achieve sales – no business can survive without leads. Found out how to boost lead generation without picking up the phone!

Gone are the days of cold calling to gain leads – with Google being amongst the most trusted brands in the world – lead generation can be achieved with SEO. There are many ways you can increase lead generation online – through the use of social media and PPC, however, according to most online marketers, SEO is the most effective strategy to generate leads for your business. Earning a favoured status with Google and ranking high with SEO is in fact the way to dominate lead generation, without the need for a phone. Although Lead Generation and SEO are two different things, working in collaboration, they can achieve huge growth for your business.

In a nutshell – a well optimised webpage gives more visibility online, leading to more visitors, which in turn leads to more customers and growth for your business. The impact that SEO has on Lead Generation is huge – hence the ability to ditch the phones and generate leads solely online. Increasing the awareness of your business and ranking higher on the SERPs (search engine results pages) leads to an increase in organic traffic to your business’ website – thus generating leads.

Priming your website to organically achieve more leads can be done in many ways, including:

  • Auditing – examining your page performance and looking for ways to improve.
  • Researching keywords – searing keywords that are relevant to your business and that rank highly in SERPs.
  • Create a backlink strategy – allows search engines to collect data on the relevancy and volume of pages linking to your site (arguably the best SEO technique)

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SEO Tips To Boost Lead Generation

There are many ways in which we can use SEO to benefit our business – here are our SEO tips to boost lead generation:

Building Blogs

Blogs are one of the best ways to keep your website relevant on SERPs. By regularly updating your website with fresh content, keywords, and links, this helps your business continuously rank high on search engines. The more page visitors that are informed about your business and know about your products and services, the more leads will be generated.

Increase your Website Speed

A search engine’s main goal is to provide its visitors with a fast, efficient searching experience. To rank highly, your business’ page must be fast. When auditing your website, broken links and unnecessary script comes to light, making it easier to identify how your website can run fast and rank high.

Active Social Media Channels

Although it is argued that SEO and social media have an indirect correlation. It is still evident that those businesses with social platforms rank higher than those without. The higher your social media presence, the more likely you are to attract and in turn, generate leads. Keeping active on your social media channels will help boost SEO lead generation.

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Why Not Just Buy Leads?

Buying leads is a way of quickly filling a business’sales funnel. A tactic to get your foot in the door when it comes to generating leads, but not a beneficial one in the long run. Buying leads comes under ‘black hat SEO’, unethical tactics that can have a negative effect on your search engine rankings. By buying leads, instead of generating them organically, you are running the risk of appearing in spam folders and decreasing visibility of your site online. Sure, buying leads will take less time and effort, however it will not promote prospects to engage in your business and therefore will not lead to sales. When it comes to lead generation, you want to reach the right audiences in order to boost your success rate of converting visitors into customers.

Read more about ‘black hat SEO’ here

There are many indirect lead generation techniques as well as SEO that can be used to boost engagement with your business, Email marketing, social media marketing, exhibitions are all ways that you can increase your status within your industry and generate more leads.

Simple in it’s concept, using SEO for lead generation; creating and publishing relevant content to rank high on SERPs is the way to dominate lead generation without using a phone!

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