How To Choose Pillar Page Topics

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How To Choose Pillar Page Topics

How you structure your website and where you place certain pages can have a huge impact on how well you rank and how successful your website is.

Knowing how to choose pillar page topics is extremely important and it’s something you really need to know when it comes to organising your website.

What is a Pillar Page?

A pillar page is like a blog only a little bit longer and a little less in-depth. A pillar page should cover a lot of topics or cluster content. This means you can cover a lot of ground and use a lot of keywords to help with your SEO.

Don’t worry about going too deeply into any of the topics, the main thing with a pillar page is getting the words and topics out there.

Once you have a piece that covers a lot of topics, you can link these keywords to more specific blogs and pages on your website that will tell the reader more about the topic and let you go more in-depth and use more targeted keywords.

Although you want to have as many keywords and topics on your pillar page as possible, you don’t want it to be too varied as people may lose interest or struggle to find what they need.

You need to choose a pillar page topic that has enough content for you to branch out into other blogs but still make sure it all falls under the same category.


How To Choose Pillar Page Topics

Choosing the right topic for your content is a massive part of SEO so it is really important that you know how to choose pillar page topics.

A pillar page is all about asking questions and getting the reader to ask the questions that you can then answer in subsequent blogs, posts and on other web pages.

To do this, your pillar page topic needs to be meaty enough that you can ask a lot of questions and get the reader interested in as many aspects as possible.

You can use websites like answerthepublic and Seranking to find out what people are looking for. From there you can decide what questions and keywords you most want to focus on and that will help you choose a topic for your pillar page.

Remember to keep your pillar page topic restrained so that you don’t end up rambling or glossing over important questions.

For example, if you are a hot drinks company, having a pillar page on just hot drinks may be too broad and you will have too many topics to try and cover, but if you limit your pillar page to just be about tea or coffee then you can focus on the key topics you want to cover without worrying about straying too far from the questions and keywords you set out with.

On the other hand, be careful of going too niche. Sometimes when we are coming up with topics for pillar pages and blogs, we can tend to get a little too caught up, or even obsessed, with keywords. There’s no point in trying to shoehorn in a niche keyword when you can instead focus on 5 or 6 more relevant keywords.

Make sure your pillar page topic is relevant to your website so that when people read it, they will be encouraged to read your other similar content. This won’t happen if your pillar page is too disjointed from the rest of your brand.


Do I Need a Pillar Page?

Having a pillar page on your website can do wonders for you and your business when it comes to SEO and ranking higher. A pillar page is a great way to help organise and tighten up your website. The tighter your website, the higher your ranking.

Best of all a pillar page can make your website easier for the reader to navigate and a user-friendly website is a sure way to get people coming back for your content as well as doing well with certain algorithms that reward well-made, neat websites.


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