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How To Convert An Email list From Single To Double Opt-In?

The use of email marketing is the best way to form that bond with your readers and customers.

What’s The Difference Between Double Opt-In Vs Single opt-In?

The difference between these two opt-ins is that they can sign up to an email service or the fact that they have done this after including their email.

Single Opt-In

This method is simple.

A customer or reader fills in an email form, clicks on the submitted paper, and then saves their information to your page.

Double Opt-In

The double opt-in method has a few more actions, but it is still just as easy to use.

This includes;

  1. A known member of your company fills out the form
  2. Everything is confirmed
  3. The subscription has been confirmed

Five steps To Optimise Your Double Opt-In

  1. Email Sign Up

The best email layout is to ask for their name and email as a line of enquiry or even just a pop-up. However, in this day and age, you now have many other options for this.

An example of this could be through an email marketing newsletter.

  1. How To Optimise Your Page?

To confirm a customer’s email, you can also do it through your page by doing it in a step by step format.

You can add a lot more detail to how it is optimised and displayed by giving instructions and advice on what to do if your sign-up email has not been confirmed.

  1. Optimising The Confirmation Email

The design of the email is as equally as important as the call to action is as it is the most prominent part of ensuring that you gain customers from this.

  1. Thank You Page optimisation

This page type can be a bit more challenging, so you may need to include a few of these pages, depending on the source.

You can also choose the type of content you would like to be involved in this part of the email.

  1. Optimising For Fewer unsubscribes

When including conversion and optimisation, you should always try to find these other wins and any profits they might have.

Optimising an unsubscribed page can be a simple thing as it is classed as an easy win but usually isn’t taken that seriously.

When customers or readers want to unsubscribe from this email, simply give them the option of changing their subscription plan or their preferences.

The Case For Single Opt-Ins

One of the biggest reasons to include a single opt-in is the speed and how you can grow your email list at a higher rate.

A Simple Process

Another great benefit is that it is easy for your users, customers and readers to use.

If you decide to use a single opt-in, it is an easy process which means your subscribers will stick around, and you will not lose any.

Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing strategies

The Case For Double Opt-Ins

One of the leading reasons email marketers decide to go for the double opt-in is because the quality of their list is enhanced to a higher level.

By wanting information and confirming it, you know that customers and other people are serious about signing up to your email list.

A Lower Unsubscribe Rate

When you ensure visitors and others who receive these emails and who want to be included in this, it is then a great idea to understand that some will unsubscribe.

Choosing Your Strategy

It’s your choice in which opt-in you decide to choose. Both of these opt-ins have many different pros and cons.

Deciding which option and tactic are better for your business and site is up to what you want it to look like and the priorities you have for your page.

How To Convert An Email list From Single To Double Opt-In?

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