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How To Create and Maintain Great Content for Your Website

The website is all good to go, the pages are well optimised, the product pictures look great and the E-Commerce shop is waiting for customers to spend their money and generate sales. It’s all very exciting, you have spent ages planning and setting up a business and you’ve depleted your hard-earned savings on having a professional website built.

But what do you do about keeping your content fresh once the website is launched? Content is King after all, and it’s a huge factor in those all-important SEO rankings that ensure your website comes out on top in the Google search.

Well you plan. That’s what. You plan your content like you plan everything else to stay well organised and on top of your game.

Want to know how to plan content for your website? Read On…

First of All, what is Content? 

Content is the meat on the bones of your website. It’s the stuff people read, it’s the information you share, it’s the experiences and the knowledge you impart on the end user searching for your site.

It’s the enticing bit to engage with your customers to gain their interest and ensure they want to find out more about you, your products and your services.

It’s also the stuff that Google Algorithms search for when they are ranking your website and if it’s good content, your website gets pushed to the top of the search engine pages. And that is what we all want right?

Why not write a Blog? 

One of the easiest, and most effective ways to keep your content fresh and up to date is to write a weekly blog. This can be about anything you wish that is even remotely connected with your business, as it’s your way of speaking directly to the consumer and letting them see your personal side.

In this ever increasingly competitive digital world, it has never been more important to connect with your customer and let them know that you are actually human, and by keeping a blog, this is a good way to stay connected about everything that is happening in your business too.

If you don’t want to write a blog, why not consider shooting a Vlog? In other words, create Video Content for your website that tells a story or says something interesting about you, your business or your products and services.

 How to Plan Your Content

The easiest way to do this is to set up a Content Calendar.

Set aside a regular day each week, or every couple of weeks at the very least, to write your blog.

Work out what you want to write about based on important dates in the calendar, and even better if this ties in with your business.  For example, you are a flag manufacturer and it’s the start of the World Cup, this is a great marketing opportunity. Write something about it!

Or if you want to write about something positive that has happened in the business, such as an employee getting a long service award or someone having a special birthday, these also make good content pieces.

Just make sure you use your keywords and links for optimum effect.

Use a Template 

There are plenty of free templates out there to utilise.  Make the most of them!

This helps you to stay organised and allows you to see at a glance what is happening with regards to important dates, or just weird, wonderful and fun dates!

(Who knew there was a National Geek Day or a National Video Game Day??)

What ever it is, if it’s something you could write about then it’s worth making some content from it for your website. This will only boost your marketing campaign and bolster your SEO.

 Do Your Research 

Okay so yes, we are saying write about anything you like, but be smart.

Research what content you have used in the past that has worked for you. What got the most views, or the most comments? Remember this is all about engaging with your customers, you want them to like and comment and get involved.

And check what content you have that you can re-use or update. Videos, blogs, knowledge bases, training slides etc. This all helps you save time and is always useful for getting new customers engaged who may not have seen it was first posted.

How to Succeed at Writing Content 

There is one major difference between printed copy, i.e. (brochures and journals), to web-based copy.

Printed copy is read, web-based copy is scanned.

It is well worth remembering this when writing content for your website. You are wanting to engage very quickly, and people who are generally reading stuff on the web are glancing through information as they are on the move, and already thinking of the next item on their busy agenda!

Write short and punchy sentences and paragraphs. Leave out unnecessary words and avoid jargon at all costs. This will just switch people off. Remember most people are just skimming through, looking to pick bits out that they like.

And remember to put your most important information first! You want people to bite so provide the bait for them to do that!

Don’t forget to include images! Web copy and web design are intrinsically linked, and people like to see a good visual impression. Using italics or highlighted text will draw attention to your piece, and this will improve the readability for your audience.

Of course if you are writing a very technical piece, then obviously you need the detail, but you will find your audience who engage at this level, will generally make more time to read, so be smart about when you schedule these longer articles.  Weekend and evenings are a good time when people are not in so much of a rush and can digest your content over a coffee and a bacon roll.

Contact Us

Of course all of this is great advice if you are happy to write your own content, and you have the time to dedicate to consistently writing, updating, scheduling and posting.

If however, the thought of being a Copy Writer for your own website makes you run for cover, you could always contact us here at Grow Traffic. We have a wealth of experience in writing Copy and updating content and we would be delighted to discuss this with you.

And don’t worry about thinking we won’t know enough about you or your business, we make excellent researchers too. You will never find a copy writer who doesn’t have a head full of stuff, or a thirst for knowing more.. It’s just what we do!


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