How to create eye-catching social images for your content

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How to create eye-catching social images for your content

When it comes to SEO and growing your businesses, your content is very important. Your content is there to help you boost your SEO ranking and get you higher up on those search engines, but that’s not all it does.

One of the most important things your content does is tell your audience more about you and your business. Your content is your platform to tell your story and makes sure that the people know what you have and how you can help them.

But for this to work, people need to be enticed to read or watch your content.


Why Is It Important to have eye-catching social images for your content?

People say you should never judge a book by its cover, but that’s ridiculous because how else are you going to be drawn to the book in the first place? First impressions are everything so you need to consider what is the first thing people will see when they look for you and your company.

Your social images need to be able to spark some interest and convince them to come and read your content. If people aren’t interested at first glance, then chances are they aren’t going to stay to finish reading or watch the entirety of the content. This is why it is vital to have eye-catching social images for your content.


How to create eye-catching social images for your content

You need to think about the image you want to put out there when you are making your social images. Think about your brand and what you want it to represent, what is the image or vibe you want to project?

If you have a very fun and quirky brand, you will want to reflect that in your social images, and you’ll want people to know this about you right away. Think about what that means to you and what you will tell people that that is what your brand is like. Remember to take into consideration things like colour, style, and font.

If you have a very serious business and need people to know that you are serious about what you do, then you might want to go for a simpler, more straightforward approach. Think about what you have seen have from businesses like yours and what about that worked for them.

Always be thinking of your brand. If you have a font, you always use, or your logo has very distinctive colours be sure to use that in your images. Social images are great for getting people familiar with your brand and the more you can include your brand in your content, the memorable your brand will become.

If you have a logo for your brand, be sure to include it somewhere in the image. It doesn’t have to be the main focus or even very big, but it’s good to get as much of your brand out there and in the public eye.

It’s important that your social images are consistent and follow a similar layout every time. This way your audience will get more and more familiar with your brand and will start to recognise your content just from the layout alone.

You can use a website like Canva to set up a template. Once you have a template you like be sure to use it every time you need to make a social image. This way all of your images will have the same uniform layout and people will easily be able to identify that they all come from the same business.


Don’t Forget!

Your social images can also help to boost your SEO. When uploading an image, you should always remember to add a description of the image. Alt-text is hugely important when making content, you can use your keywords in the alt text to help get a higher ranking on search engines as well as make your site more inclusive to the visually impaired.


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