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How to Create Free Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages

A great website is the first step to locating yourself in online marketing. Landing pages are relatively simple to set up and are the answer to building the best business website.

The landing page you have for your business should include lots of information about your business by including images and video clips in detail. That helps you to receive a sufficient level of visitors based on one primary purpose.

Your main landing page will need:

  1. Clear and concise headings and subheadings
  2. Concise copy that links to your chosen images
  3. The button text should link back to your site
  4. They can sign up through your email process

How Do Landing Pages Work For Websites?

For your new landing page to be successful and to fulfil its purpose, you need to include that main line of traffic to it. This can be done in a few different ways:

  • Use your email marketing campaign that can redirect to your main landing page through your business email address.
  • Post the link on all of your social media platforms
  • Include the link in your blog content
  • Use SEO to work on your landing page
  • Create a great campaign and use this to promote your landing page

How Do Landing Pages Look?

Hosted and Self-hosted pages

Landing pages are known for being in two primary forms: hosted and self-hosted. The landing page will be its original self; the only difference is how these two main files are kept.

Hosted landing pages

These pages tend to be on the front of the server on the company’s website that has decided to create and use them. These companies tend to represent your landing page in some way or as simple as a URL. 


This is a different part of the puzzle. A self-hosted solution is done on your terms and your website and server. This would be your way of customising the main domain.

Which Marketing Source Can Be Used To Create A Landing Page?

  1. U craft

U craft is a great landing page guide and solution. It is as easy as signing up, creating your account, and selecting the free landing page option. Then, you pick the right one out of all the options and customise it for your business.

  1. ONTRA Pages

This landing page option is brought to you by the leading business venture and works the same as the others.

The great thing about this particular one is that the hosting option that you choose is entirely free, but you only have a certain amount of pages

  1. WordPress landing pages

This free landing page option is also built into a WordPress plugin, which, if you know this process reasonably well, is what WordPress is known for doing.

This one is a bit different, though, as it should be able to work on its own and process everything, as you can see how everything happens.

Landing Page Builders For 2022

  1. Square space

Square space is a great website builder and landing page creator known for having out-of-this-world designs, especially for making sure that your landing page looks phenomenal.

It is easy to make your own and give it your business look—all whilst keeping it simple and sleek. The main editor lets you edit and include all of the elements of a site, such as an email sign-up and the pricing of your services.

  1. Site 123

It is a great tool as far as landing pages are concerned. It is easy to add whatever you want to it, so it is simple for all your visitors, clients, and customers to find it easy enough to navigate and see what they are looking for.

It can be however you want it to be, whether that is sleek and simple or pact with lots of valuable areas of information.

  1. Jimdo

Jimdo does quite a lot of the work for you, especially if you have a time limit for getting your page online to the right market. However, it is also a wizard for the kind of creative elements that it can provide.

Also, it has many different options to choose from, which helps you to determine the look you want for your site; the editing process is also relatively simple and easy to use as you can include all the information you could ever need.

  1. Lead pages

This is one of the simplest ones to follow, as it offers you countless landing page options that you can chop and change to your liking and make it yours even further.

You can start from scratch and include everything you need first, then work on the main page itself to ensure that the design is the right one for you. Remember, it can be slow, too, so be patient.

  1. U bounce

U bounce a ton of different landing page options and templates that can be chosen based on the goal that you have for your business website.

The great thing is that you view all the different options in the same window option, which makes it even more accessible, but it can also be a bit tricky.

How to Create Free Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages

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