How To Create Newsworthy Content In A Blog

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How To Create Newsworthy Content In A Blog?

It’s all fine and well having a website filled with amazing blogs but is there any point of having them if no one is going to see them.

If you have written the blog correctly then it should be already helping to improve your search engine ranking regardless of if people are reading it or not.

Obviously, it’s always better if people read the blogs, you get more engagement on your page and people are more likely to share or reference your blog which will get more people to see it, get more engagement and help you rank higher.

If you want people to read your blog, however, you need to write and publish content that people will actually want to read.

The best way to get the public to read your blog is to write about something that is eyes catching, newsworthy and most importantly, something that people will want to read. With that in mind, here is how to create newsworthy content in a blog.

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How To Create Newsworthy Content In A Blog

Keep It Relevant

If you are planning on writing about something topical, you need to make sure the thing you are writing about is still relevant at the time of posting. There’s no point writing a piece of content relating to a news story that has been out of the news for 2 weeks and no one’s talking about it.

If no one’s talking about then no one’s reading about and if no one’s reading about it, no one is reading or sharing your blog. Make sure to write about things that are current and relevant.

If you want to write about something topical but like to plan way in advance, then you might be better at writing about seasonal content. You can download a 2022 content calendar from GrowTraffic that has all the holidays and speciality days and weeks, like anti-bullying week, already on there.

Make It Work For Your Blog

Find something to quote about that is relevant to you and your business. There are lots of newsworthy topics for blogs that will definitely get the reader attention, but it needs to work for your company and be news that you can use to help the reader understand you better as a business.

Do Your Research

You need to know about the thing you are writing about. Make sure you do all the necessary research you will need for the blog. If you are writing about a topical news piece, then you need to reference and include a link to the main story.

Facts and figures are always a big help. This will validate your blog and the more concrete facts and evidence you include the more trustworthy and authorise your blog will feel to the reader.

If you don’t believe it the reader won’t believe it so make sure you are confident and well versed in the subject bore, you write about it.

Appeal To The Reader

Why would someone want to read this? Are you giving more information, answering a question or do you have a solution to a problem? Decide on the purpose of your blog and how that will help your reader.

Think about the emotion you want to convey. Ideally, you want to choose topics that you can be optimistic and excited about, the more engaging your read, the more engaged your readers will be.

Make It Count

Your blog needs to have an impact. It needs to get through to the audience and actually stick in their minds. If people just read it and then forget about it, then you won’t gain anything. Think about the tone you want to want to convey and decide what will be more effective when it comes to your readers.

If you are going for a more serious piece, then you need to find something that will hit the readers so that they feel the passion and seriousness of the topic.

If you are going for a more personal piece, then try and find something that the readers can relate to and that will strike a nerve so that they remember it.

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