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How To Create Newsworthy Content

Creating great content is an effective way to communicate with your target audience and boost your online visibility.

Your content strategy should have a mix of content, including blogs, infographics, videos, how-to guides, podcasts, email newsletters and whitepapers etc.

But if you really want to get your brand out there, you should aim to create newsworthy content. With newsworthy content, you can increase brand awareness and recognition whilst improving brand visibility (especially in your local area).

Plus, having your content published in online news publications will increase your number of backlinks and drive quality traffic to your website.

In this blog, we’re going to share our tips on how to create newsworthy content.


When writing what you believe to be a newsworthy piece of content, think about who will be interested in it. Other than you and your business, who is going to be impacted by the news?

Other business owners? Marketers? Residents in your local area? Professionals within your industry? The general public? Is the topic something that will affect people? How many people? Will they care enough to read it?

Once you have answered these questions, you will know whether or not the topic is worth pursuing. If you think the topic is interesting and impactful, then go ahead and get writing. If not, your piece of content may not be as successful as you’d hoped.


Timeliness is a key element when creating newsworthy content. Is the news topic you’re pursuing relevant right now? Is it informing people of something significant that’s happening right now? Does it relate to a trending topic?

People want to stay informed. If you’re going to attempt to create newsworthy content, it needs to be relevant, timely and preferably relates to a topic or trend that is having an impact right now.

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Is your newsworthy content related to something happening in your local area? It may come as no surprise that people care more about what is happening in their local area than they do about what is happening nationally or globally.

If you want to make an impact and increase brand awareness in your local area, you should aim to create newsworthy content aimed at the local residents.

This type of content is particularly beneficial if you have a physical shop, office or business premises that you would like to draw customers to.


Does your news story feature someone of prominence? A local celebrity, hero or person of importance? It doesn’t have to be an individual, it could be a prominent business, charity or organisation that is well-known and loved.

Featuring a prominent person or organisation will give an added element, making it more interesting and relevant to readers.

How Do I Incorporate Newsworthy Content Into My Content Strategy?

Your content strategy should be heavily made up of evergreen content that is informative, relevant and useful for your audience. Evergreen content remains useful for years to come and will help draw traffic to your website.

Newsworthy content is seasonal or topical, rather than evergreen.  Seasonal or topical content will only be relevant for a few days before something new comes along and replaces it. Once it is no longer relevant, people will stop reading.

But if you get it right, a piece of well-written newsworthy content can work wonders for web traffic and backlinks. Backlinks can increase your website’s domain authority, which essentially indicates to Google that your website is relevant, trustworthy and worth ranking.

Because we never know when a news opportunity is going to come up, it is always best to have a flexible content calendar that can be adapted as and when needed.

Plus, if you are planning something significant within your business that may be worthy of news coverage, be sure to leave time and space to create content when the time comes.

For example, you may be planning a huge charity event or a large recruitment drive. Your business may be moving to a prominent location, or you may be planning to launch a new product or service. Any of these business changes may be of relevance to your audience and even your local area.

What About Newsjacking?

If you don’t yet feel as if you have the skills to create newsworthy content, you could start creating newsjacking pieces instead.

Newsjacking is the process of creating blog content that “piggybacks” on a trending topic or news story. It allows you to align your business with a current event or trend and share your thoughts and opinion on it.

The key to successful newsjacking is to create and publish a blog before the topic peaks. If you notice a relevant topic beginning to trend on social media or news sites, don’t wait around!

If you get in there early, you can capitalise on the keyword acceleration and gain backlinks from other outlets using your content as a reference.

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