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How to Earn from Pay Per Download Websites

The internet is one of the most valuable forms of online technology. But the question is, how can we earn from these different pay-per- download websites?

PPD, or as it is known as pay-per-download, is a well-known advertisement technique where all current content creators are paid for the work they do whenever a user or customer decides to download their own files.

But the problem with this is that not everyone can find the right kind of PPD for their site and files.

What Are Some Of The Best Pay Per Download Sites?

  1. Users cloud

User cloud is one of the best pay-per-download sites that are currently out there. It is also a hosting website, so you can kill two birds with one stone, as it offers unlimited storage space to all its users.

Users are paid when any kind of download comes through to their site.

  1. Daily uploads

Again, daily uploads are another known PPD network and are also known for their speed and dependability.

All of their users can easily promote and work on their files with this same company’s help. They also allow your users to pay you a set amount.

  1. Share cash

This company, share cash, is one of the oldest players in the pay-per-download game. This site allows you to track your traffic levels, which will increase the host’s earnings.

  1. File upload

File upload is another popular option as it allows all users to earn their income through the pay-per-download system and has a small fee set.

You can earn between £7- £1,000 per download.

  1. DLU upload

DLU upload is a PPD website and platform that ensures you earn money from the downloads. For this to work, you will need to upload a file onto this website.

It is also great as it lets you upload any size you want.

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What Methods Can Be Used To Earn From Pay Per Download?

PPD site monetisation 

There are so many different ways in which pay-per-download hosts can promote their content. Quite a lot of them go down the usual advertising route before downloading.

Some decided to include offers or customer surveys before the download process happened.

PPD sites that can be tested

  1. CPA grip

This is part of three main areas of content: file, content, and its main URL.

This is a good step, especially if you want to try out one particular system but be careful to keep everything simple.

  1. Adscend media 

Like the point above, this company also has lockers, but for this one, they have file and link lockers and an option that lets you close anything that you think is necessary on your website.

This also includes keeping videos safe and any other forms of your content.

  1. Link bucks media

This site has all the links and lockers that could ever be needed, but the one thing that makes them different from others is that they have a unique system that is only meant for certain web forms and platforms.

This is your perfect option if you have a forum or site that you would like to work on with this kind of locker. 

Understanding all of the different profits from these PPD sites

The first thing you want to do for the PPD website download process is to pick the site you want to use and ensure that all the different tests work.

For example, the test could run as:

  • Create a small main test file and ensure the size is correct
  • Create your account and research the kind of information that is needed.
  • Upload your main file, and test it to ensure that it works accordingly
  • Check it works through other links
  • The final step is to download the file and check everything is part of it

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The Top 10 Pay Per Download Sites And How To Earn Money From Them?

What is a PPD pay rate

With these kinds of services and options. All users that use this site should know by now that you are expected to make a specific rate per every download.

You will earn a small commission for the download; the rest goes to the site itself. 

How do these pay-per-download websites work? 

These pay-per-download websites just need you to upload all necessary documents for this process.

You will then need to sign up for the site and upload your files.

The Main PPD Sites

  1. Up- 4ever

Up- 4ever is also a pay-per-download site that allows you to share your original files on free cloud storage.

They will pay for the first 1,000 downloads, and then they will have to pay a small amount. The great thing is that you earn some of the commission from this too.

  1. Ad work media

This kind of site is known for being a simple content locker that lets you take the reins of how everything is monetised and how your traffic levels perform.

They also have some fantastic campaigns that link to this.

  1. org

Indi share is more of a file-sharing site and platform, but it does include the option of using pay per download which is great. This also allows you to earn some sort of commission still.

It also helps you in other areas, as it saves your storage through a backup system and lets you download and get rid of anything that you may not think is necessary.

  1. org

This is again another pay-per-download option with one of the highest payout rates for its hosts to date.

It can offer you a simple and easy downloadable page and plan that helps improve your website’s overall user experience.

  1. Upload Buzz

Upload buzz is a reasonably new PPD website download currently on the market. It has a high rate as far as revenue levels go and an impressive affiliate earning status that helps this site to be on the famous list of PPD sites.

You will also get paid for the work and content material you create for the site as long as it is within the guidelines.

How to Earn from Pay Per Download Websites

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