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How To Educate Other Managers About The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

Many B2B marketing managers like yourself, often face the challenge of educating (sometimes stubborn) management teams about the need for digital marketing. One of the easiest ways to convince your fellow managers to choose the digital marketing route is to outline the benefits that digital marketing will have on the business.

Embracing change can be difficult for any business, but more so for businesses that have been operating for many years. A business’ management team are usually reluctant to change their methods because of the risks involved.

If your fellow managers are under the impression that the traditional marketing methods being used are working perfectly fine, they won’t understand the need for digital marketing.

But, as you well know, digital marketing is taking over. Having an innovative digital marketing strategy is essential for most companies as it allows them to get ahead of their competitors.

So, the question is, how do you convince the rest of the management team that digital marketing is the way to go? Well here are some tips (we hope they help!)…

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The Benefits Of Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing

“I don’t think social media will work for our business” is a phrase that every marketing manager has heard at least once.

When management teams are so familiar with traditional methods of marketing such as printed media, they can be reluctant to try social media. This is usually because they’re not familiar with the huge impact that social media can have on a business, which means it’s your job to educate them. As you know, social media marketing works incredibly well for brand awareness among other things.

However, the management team won’t sign off on a big social media campaign ‘just because other businesses are doing it’. Instead, they need to see the evidence that it’s going to be worthwhile. Luckily, there’s plenty of social media statistics to back up your argument. For example, users who see a video ad on Twitter are 50% more likely to be aware of the brand.

It’s important that you explain the various social media channels. Be honest about which ones may not work but highlight the platforms that will benefit your business.

It’s also a good idea to look at the social media channels of your competitors and demonstrate how it is working for them. You could even find a real-life conversation/interaction about a similar product or service to yours, to demonstrate that people are talking about it online.

Finally, explain the benefits of organic advertisements and justify the need for a combination of organic and paid ads. When doing this, it’s a great idea to analyse the amount of money the company spends on other forms of advertising and compare it to the (much lower) cost of paid social media ads. In comparison to other marketing methods, social media marketing can be really cost-effective. If anything is going to sway your team, it’s the thought of saving money!

The Benefits Of Digital Marketing: SEO

Now this one might be tricky! The management team is likely to shy away from SEO; not only because of the bad rep it gets, but also because they’re not entirely sure what it is.

Your challenge is to educate them on what SEO is and why the business will benefit from it. Again, this is a great time to throw in some statistics. Draw up a list of keywords that your company could be ranking for and explain the importance of being visible on Google. After all, its no good having a fantastic website if nobody can find it!

Meeting to educate managers on digital marketing

Some of the management team may not be interested in how SEO works. Instead, they’ll just want to know what it’s going to do for the company. This is your opportunity to explain that increased web traffic turns into leads, which then converts into sales.

Highlight that 70% of B2B searches begin with a generic search (usually on Google), meaning its imperative that your business is ranking highly on search engines if you want to be found by potential clients or customers.

The Benefits Of Digital Marketing: PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is possibly one of the easier digital marketing methods to sell to your fellow managers. Mainly because there is so much evidence demonstrating that it works. Although it can be costly (which certainly doesn’t work in your favour), the results are often instant.

The management team are going to want figures. The best thing to do is to be honest about the cost. Explain the budget that you will set for each campaign and perhaps start with a test budget. Explain which keywords you’ll be bidding for and outline the level of competition. Highlighting that Google Ads is the leading PPC platform is always a great idea too.

You can use free tools to demonstrate potential keywords for your campaigns and use a forecasting tool to show the likely performance of your ads.

The Benefits Of Digital Marketing: Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular methods of digital marketing. It is certainly one that your fellow managers are likely to get on board with, particularly if the company has a large database of customer information.

Of course, a large database of email addresses is only useful if your company has consent from each individual to contact them with promotional material (folk are hot on the GDPR rules nowadays).

Explain that email marketing targets a very specific audience, one that has previously used your product/service or is interested in it. Reassure the management team that an email marketing campaign will be created with well-formatted and engaging emails.

Highlight the fact that marketing emails can easily be tracked to monitor the open rate and click rate. This gives the company an idea of what types of information the clients are looking for. Finally, outline that specific metrics will be used to illustrate how the email marketing campaign is providing an ROI.

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