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How to Find Out How Much Traffic Your Competitors Get

Knowing how web traffic happens is a vital part of seeing how your company is growing and whether your campaign is working, and it can also help with future campaigns.

  1. Traffic Estimation Tools

These tools are made to help you see where the metrics are coming from and the resources behind them; it makes it easier to know where the actual traffic amount is and where it is coming from.

Often, this can be beneficial as tracking the campaigns that are happening or seeing how many visitors are coming back to their page as this is coming from a specific source.

  1. Use A WordPress Plugin

Another great option would be to include a WordPress plugin that can track the number of visitors appearing on the page and where they are also coming from.

Using this option can get all of the correct information together, making it easier to track where your traffic is coming from and the levels.

  1. Check Google Analytics

You can always check your competitor’s traffic by using Google Analytics.

This is more often than not the easiest route to go down as it is straightforward in getting the information you need to see the traffic levels of their website. It is also allowed to use this to determine their performance levels and where they might need to improve.

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How To See How Much Traffic Other Websites Have?

There are many different ways to get a closer look into how many hits other websites are getting, including the competitors in the same industry as you.

How To Check Your Competitor’s Website Traffic?

  1. Identify Your Competitors

You might already have somewhat of an idea of the competitors you are dealing with in the industry you work in, what the competition is like, and what you need to do to stay relevant.

If you don’t know who the competitors you might just be starting with, use Google to search for the online competition that may work in the same area.

  1. Categorise Your Competitors

To ensure that the search about your competitors can go ahead, you need to categorise all of the different businesses and identify them on a level of where they stand and how popular their business is overall.

Putting your competitors into the correct category will help you effectively know your research time. It will also help you put your results in the right order and see where your findings stand, and you can rank higher than them.

  1. Review Competitors Websites

When looking into this, take a look at their website and see what is different to yours to get some new and fresh ideas.

Showing how you can develop your findings of your competitor’s business and their page is a crucial way to see how they are getting these high levels of traffic, staying on top of their high-ranking class, and staying relevant in their industry.

Seeing the different elements of their website helps you know how you can include some of these areas in your website that allow you to show that you can be competitive against your competitors.

How to Find Out How Much Traffic Your Competitors Get

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