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How to Get Cheap Clicks By Running YouTube Ads

Having the opportunity to run ads on a platform like YouTube ads is a vast and excellent traffic source for your business. Where you decide to send the traffic is entirely up to you.

YouTube ads have the power to send visitors to your website and its main landing page, through a download link, to a primary product page and even another YouTube channel that you may be subscribed too already.

How can you get the best out of your YouTube ads?

What Are YouTube Ads?

YouTube ads are videos that let you promote them, and they appear on all channels, websites, apps, and all of its partners that it works with. And this is known as Google Display Network (GDN) as it knew too.

Since YouTube is also a part of Google, it has many benefits when you are advertising for them; an example would be that they with be included in the depth of Google’s user data.

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Type Of YouTube Ads

Firstly, we have, TrueView adds. Actual View ads are a common standard type of advertisement on YouTube ads. They are the type of videos that you need to be able to produce yourself.  You can choose how you want to make them, e.g., the length and things like that.

Actual View ads come in two different ways: video discovery and in-stream. Video discovery is the one in which the ads are most recognised. They would typically show up in the search results of YouTube ads and any other videos on the Google Display Network.

The second form of ads that we have is Preroll ads, which are the kind of ads and videos that you can play at the beginning, middle and end of a video on YouTube and YouTube ads. Preroll ads can appear on an average of over ten minutes long content.

Preroll ads can be put on the skip mode if they are only 15-20 seconds at max. However, they are also at risk of a PPC auction style.

The last type of ad is a Bumper ad. Bumper ads will start to play before a YouTube video and a YouTube ad that is also limited to a time of 6 seconds long. This reason is that they are too short of including any more content, but we can consist of a brief campaign.

How To Launch A YouTube Ad?

The steps that I will mention can prepare you when you start strong on YouTube. Once you have uploaded your YouTube ad, check that your campaign is set up correctly by:

  • Including Google ads words to your YouTube channel
  • On your dashboard, click + and select the new campaign tab
  • Choosing your main goal
  • Decide on your YouTube ad format
  • Name your campaign
  • Enter the right keywords
  • Enter your network
  • Select your target audience
  • Use the ads that you want to be in your campaign
  • Use better settings to finalise everything

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Optimising Your YouTube Ad Video Advertising

Once you have done all of the hard work and have launched your YouTube ad campaign on YouTube, start to focus on the build and maintaining the ranking with these points that I will mention.

Be Direct

Be direct when including that specific call to action in all of your YouTube ads to ensure that your customers are taking the right direction towards your business. Try to avoid the generic CTA’S.

For the longer YouTube ads that you might want to include, involve a long end scree and an outcome for the final visual in your videos that drive the force to your main page as that is what you are wanting.

Set Up Conversion Tracking 

Adding a bit of code is called a tag, and this is the behind the scenes of your company’s website so that you can see what is going on after the viewers have visited and clicked on your YouTube ads. 

You can use this kind of information when you need to focus on the spending of your advertisements to ensure that they are getting the best possible outcome and results.

Understand The Bidding Process

What you end up paying for your YouTube ads will then be based on the type of ad you have and how successful it will be.

YouTube will charge for other content included, like accurate view even when someone has clicked on to watch your video, even if they watch it for a short period.

Monitor Your Metrics

Try to understand all of the different metrics involved with your YouTube ad, as it will help you track and keep an eye on your campaign’s performance.

You will then get a sense of which YouTube ads will be your top ones, so you can think about how you will filter out your budget. By tweaking your strategy, targets, and you’re creative video outlet.

How to Get Cheap Clicks By Running YouTube Ads

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