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How to get ready for the next Google Penguin Update

Google first released the Penguin Update on April 24, 2012 and last ran the update around a year ago. Penguin devastated many rankings in Google’s SERPs. With a year since the last update you’ve had quite a whilst to put things right and now it appears the next Penguin Update is about to be rolled out.

What does Google Penguin Update do?

The main aim of Google Penguin update is targeting spamdexing, although it’s also believed to have elements of user experience and page layout from previous algo changes. If you’re website isn’t responsive, if you’ve got too many ads but mainly if you’ve got a load of dodgy links pointing at your site, you’re probably going to get hit by this update.

What should you do to prepare for the next Google Penguin Update?

If you’re asking yourself this question now, there’s probably not a lot you can do, except concentrating on making your onsite offering as good as possible – make sure there aren’t a lot of ads on the page, if your site isn’t responsive get it responsive quickly. The one thing you’re probably not going to be able to sort out now is the dodgy links. If you’ve not already disavowed those dodgy links you’re probably going to get hit by this update before Google has chance to review your disavow file. The one thing you just might be able to do is get rid of, or change the anchor text of some of the links if you control them.

When will Google run the Penguin Update and what does it mean?

Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst and Search Quality Engineer at Google spoke at Search Marketing Expo East recently saying Penguin Update may be launched as early as next week. He said said if you disavow bad links now or as of about two weeks ago, it will likely be too late for this next Penguin refresh. But he added that the Penguin refreshes will be more frequent because of the new algorithm in place.

The fact they’re letting us know Penguin is going to coming out more often if heartening, it would suggest to me that it will be easier to recover from the Penguin Update this time around.

Good luck to everyone, I think this will be a nice update even if people do get hurt from it. Google has taken a lot of flack from webmasters who have had their livelihood destroyed by Google’s updates over the last 2 or 3 years, something which is in stark contrast of their motto and mantra: “don’t be evil”.

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