How to Get Testimonials Without Bugging Clients

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How to Get Testimonials Without Bugging Clients

It’s no secret that gaining testimonials from your clients and customers can help with social proofing your business, thus having a positive impact on your SEO. However, continuously asking for testimonials can be quite annoying for customers. Keeping your customers and clients happy is of course of upmost importance to you as a business owner. This blog aims to teach you how to get testimonials without bugging clients!

Positive testimonials are in fact one of the most powerful tools for drawing in new leads and encouraging them to convert into paying customers. Although some customers and clients will automatically leave you a positive testimonial, some may need a little more convincing.

Let’s explore our top tips on how to get testimonials without pestering!

Tips To Get Testimonials

When it comes to leaving positive reviews, unfortunately, many customers and clients are less likely to do it on their own accord – if anything, customers tend to share their views if they are unhappy with the service or product they have received.

Here are our top tips for getting positive testimonials from your customers.

Time It Right

It’s important when you are seeking testimonials, and trying to avoid bugging your clients, that you get the timing right. Understanding the buyer’s journey is crucial for this – this allows you to decide when the optimal time is to ask them for a testimonial.

The key here is to give your customer time – although there might not be a ‘right time’ to ask a customer for something, there is certainly a wrong time. It’s essential for the customer to see the results of your product or service before you ask them for an honest review.

Give Them A Reason

Customers and clients tend to look for incentives. When their inbox is inundated with other requests and messages, they are likely going to want something in return.

Offering them an incentive is likely to lure them in and in turn, leave you with a glowing testimonial.

Whether the incentive is a voucher or a backlink back to their website – people want to know what they get out of it!

Provide Multiple Options

To avoid bugging clients, it’s useful to offer a number of options – making it easier for them and also allowing them to choose an option that is most attractive to them.

You could offer them options like:

  • To participate in a podcast/live video
  • Write a few paragraphs to feature on your website
  • Post on their social media page

This adds the extra benefit of other potential clients seeing positive testimonials on a number of different outlets.

Optimise Your CTA

Providing a clear CTA, indicating the need for a testimonial, encourages customers to leave you a positive review, without the need for you to bug them. Calls to action play a crucial role in your marketing strategy, whether it be to acquire leads, conversions or testimonials.

Making clear and concise changes to your CTA, tailoring it to encourage testimonials, thus minimising the need for you to bug your customers – that is the key!

Provide Prompts

Make it easy for your customers, and they may be more likely to leave you a positive review.

When you ask for a testimonial, having some prompts is useful for both your customers and you! It makes it easier for them to fill out, meaning they are more likely to do so, but it also guides them to fill in answers that are positive.

How To Get Testimonials With GrowTraffic

When working alongside us at GrowTraffic, we can ensure that you get the testimonials you deserve – without the need to bug your customers! Whether we do it for you or teach you how to do it yourselves, we know all the tips and tricks necessary to get an abundance of testimonials and reviews.

If you would like to learn more about getting testimonials without bugging your customers, and how specifically GrowTraffic can help you, get in touch with us today by dropping us a line at or calling 0161 707 0012.

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