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How to grow your Instagram following – an overview

Instagram, a photo sharing app and community for iPhone users and also for those with an Android, is a great way to show off your best photographs while meeting new friends. Although you can use Instagram as an easy way to transfer pictures to your favourite social networking sites, Instagram can be so much more than that. Over the last few years as an seo consultant it’s become more apparent that social media marketing is becoming crucial to running a successful seo campaign and Instagram although relatively new is definitely one such community that needs to be tapped in to.

If you are ready to take Instagram seriously and to begin building a base of devoted followers, you will have to follow a few simple steps. By following the steps below, you can learn how to get plenty of Instagram followers while still having a great time with the site.

Show Off Your Best Side

When you first start your Instagram account, take the time to choose ten to 20 of your best photos; these will be used to begin building your portfolio.

It is important to choose your best pictures for your portfolio because it will help you to start a base of followers on Instagram. Make sure that these photos will really grab the attention of people who see them.

Instead of making the mistake that many people make, which is using Instagram as an easy way to share your photos with all of your Facebook and Twitter fans, remember that you only want to put your most impressive photos up if you want to get more followers. If you have been adding less-than-perfect pictures, take the time now to delete them from your Instagram.

Don’t Spam Your Followers

One way to quickly lose all of your followers is to spam them with tons and tons of pictures at one time. Instead, post them every few hours over a span of several days for best results.

Choose Your Timespan Carefully

You have to remember that not all of your Instagram followers will be from the same place that you are. Because of different time zones, you will miss out on a lot of viewers if you post your pictures at the same time every day. Instead, spread them out and submit them at different times of the day for best results.

Also, make sure that you do not post your pictures when most of your viewers are sleeping. Instead, try to determine the busiest times on Instagram and make your submissions during these time periods.

Don’t Forget To Geo-Tag Your Photos

Geo-tagging will help you to show off your best work to even more viewers. By geo-tagging your photos, they will appear for those who live in the general area or those who visit the same place. This will help you to get a lot more views, and it only takes a minute.

Promote Your Instagram Account

Take advantage of all of the social networking friends and followers that you already have instead of starting from scratch with your Instagram. Make sure to post pictures and links to your Instagram posts on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

Follow People

If you want to bring in followers, make sure that you become a follower yourself. These people will notice you and your pictures, and you will instantly see your base growing. Try to choose Instagram users who post meaningful comments or who post great pictures when choosing who to follow.

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Leave Comments That People Will Notice

Quick comments that don’t mean much won’t really grab anyone’s attention. Instead, make the effort to post meaningful and thoughtful comments on the photos of other Instagram users. Taking the time to leave these comments will encourage others to comment on your photos and to add themselves as a follower.

Be Active

If you want people to follow you, you have to be active yourself. Try joining small communities of others who are looking to build followers. You can help one another to grow your follower base, you can learn great tips and tricks and you can meet a lot of really nice people.

Remember to always comments on nice pictures from the people that you are following, add followers and add hashtags to your pictures to help you to get noticed. By being a strong member of the community and showing off your best work, you will quickly have more followers than you probably ever imagined.

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How to grow your Instagram following – an overview

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