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How To Handle SEO Staff Turnover

Staff turnover is something every business with employees’ experiences. It’s unfortunate but part and parcel of owning a business. When employees leave an SEO agency, I feel with my experience, it affects our sector more than others.

SEO agencies have a significantly higher turnover rate when it comes to employees. And an effective hiring process isn’t just about choosing the people who have the right skills for the job.

Most agencies are set up from an individual leaving their job to become a freelancer, custom increasing and therefore an agency is formed due to demand. Each owner will create their own culture from how they’ve worked and been treated previously.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, turnover due to poor culture fit can cost you as much as 50-60% of a departing employee’s annual salary.

This means you shouldn’t just hire anyone. This blog is designed to help you streamline your employment process by giving you tips before and after you hire to handle SEO staff turnover.

Reducing Employee Turnover

There must be common sense in this situation, yes, your employees will move on from time to time depending on where your company falls within staff’s development. But, there comes a point where losing too much of your talent to other companies should cause concern.

Lucky for you, you can use free and inexpensive methods to convince your employees to stick around.

Hire Thoughtfully

The best way to ensure employees don’t leave you is to make sure you are hiring the right employees to begin with. Define the role clearly—both to yourself and to the candidates. And then be absolutely sure the candidate is a fit not only for you but for your company culture.

Hiring Thoughtfully - A man and a woman shaking hands in a job interview

Opportunities To Develop And Grow

For me personally, this is my highest priority and many colleagues also throughout my experience. Stagnated employees look for something different. Don’t let that happen at your business.

Most employees want to increase their skills and knowledge and move up the career ladder. Showing employees a projected career path gives them a sense of direction and purpose.

Where can your employees go from their current position? Maybe it’s an upward or lateral move. Or, maybe your employees can earn more responsibility in their current position. Whatever it is, let your employees know how they can advance.

You can help employees advance along their career paths. Provide them with coaching by recommending ways to advance. You can also provide employees with training opportunities. Give them opportunities to learn new skills and practice them.

Giving Praise

If you don’t give your employees praise, then who will?

Your employees need encouragement and recognition. When employees do something right, show your appreciation. When they finish a large, difficult project or handle a new, awkward customer, congratulate them. Show them that you see their hard work.

We’re not expecting you to congratulate them on everything, just things that are truly worth it.

We are trying and with these tips, will create an encouraging, positive work environment. When employees feel respected, acknowledged, desired, and motivated, they are more likely to stay.

Offer Flexibility

Today’s employees crave a flexible work/life balance. Because of the global pandemic, this area has heightened drastically with us all having more time with our loved ones. Flexibility impacts retention directly.

In fact, a study found that 76% of managers and 80% of employees indicated that flexible work arrangements had positive effects on retention. And more and more companies know it. That means, if you’re not offering employees flexibility around work hours and locations, they might easily leave you for someone who will.

Prioritise Employee Wellbeing

The numbers behind prioritising wellbeing are anything but great. Employee happiness is a key indicator of job satisfaction and absenteeism just for starters. Investing in the happiness and wellbeing of your employees will pay dividends in engagement, productivity and yes, retention.

Offer Perks

Survey your team. I’m fortunate that there’s only 7 of us. We regularly talk, every few weeks to be precise, about what keeps people happy in a job and the adaptation made have made a huge difference to staff turnover.

One thing I’ve found in SEO agencies or workplaces, and very high up on people’s priority, is flexibility.

We now also offer regular external training on top of the internal. Obviously, I can’t speak for your staff, so you’ll need to communicate with your team and find out what would be beneficial to them.

Tip – Don’t let good staff go because you want bums on seats for 10 hours a day. Retaining staff who get the job done is, in my view, one of the most important challenges facing SEO agencies today.


We aren’t experts in staff retention, I’m just talking about experience, but I’d like to say we do a very good job in that field!

What I am certain of though, is we’re SEO specialists. GrowTraffic is a digital marketing agency based in Bacup, and we specialise in SEO.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, I or one of my friendly colleagues would love to help. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn how to tackle your problems, we’ll give you the training.

You can call us on 0161 706 0012, or email us at or fill out our online contact form.

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