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How to Improve the Landing Page Experience of Your Ad

Landing pages are the first point of contact with your brand. They also need to be associated with the advertisement that you are running for your campaign.

Here are some tips to help improve on this.

  1. Keep Your Brand Message Clear and Consistent With your Ad and Landing Page

Message Match

It seems like a reasonably simple way of improving your landing page, but you will be shocked at the number of advertisements that don’t link the ad and the work that they have done to their main landing page.

Your Company’s Call To Action

Your main page and its CTA should be understandable and direct, and related to the advertisement you are offering.

It is known that studies have shown that by altering your CTA and its copy, your conversion levels can be increased over 100%

  1. Use Your Content That is Engaging on All of Your Landing Pages

Your Work

Readers do not want to be looking at the same type of content on all your landing pages.

Try to include different areas of information on each page that your ranking level and your client will enjoy and appreciate. Doing this will help add value and add recognition to your advertisements.

Levels of Engagement

If your business is performing all these campaigns correctly, you are sending potential clients to your landing page, as these pages are made to ensure that all the clicks you receive turn into paid advertisements and leads.

Keep an Eye on Your Main page’s Speed

A landing page that is loading slowly will have a higher bounce rate level, but if this is even lower because of the amount of time spent on the page, it will affect the conversion rate and your advertisement levels.

Make Sure That Your Page Is Relevant to The Advertisement

The page that is getting all the clicks should be a further extension of your advertisement.

This means that as a business owner, you need to ensure that everything is up to date and is also relevant to what this advertisement is about and how this can impact all user experiences.

Instil The Right Level of Trust 

Seeing all these positive levels of feedback at the top of your landing page is an excellent way of getting that reassurance from your customers and kindly ask them to keep browsing. This will also help with your advertisement and business levels.

Perform A Split Test

This is an excellent way of finding the elements needed to perform best in this test and creating a polished and unbeatable page and advertisement.

You can see if these features work on your page by analysing the research you have found, as this is the most efficient way to do this.

What Is A Landing Page experience?

A landing page experience connects your advertisement and your main landing page.

Then see how this experience could go, having a system in place that can utilise how this could work and how it could be evaluated.

Personalise Your Page for Different Audience Segments

You need to be able to personalise your landing page, so all of your different clients are satisfied with the various segments of your page and advertisement.

To ensure that this happens, you need to make sure that your ads match up with clicks on your page and what the outcome was afterwards.

 How to Improve the Landing Page Experience of Your Ad

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