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How to Increase Your Position in Google Ads Listings

There are so many different ways in which you can better your position in Google Ads listings.

You can improve your chances by getting your ads to perform higher than their expected level in the search results. But only four primary listings and advertisements are allowed to show above the main search results.

You can increase your chances of improving your Google Ads listings by:

  1. Improve your overall ad rank level

For your listing to improve, you will need to consider including more up-to-date information in your advertisements about your business’s main points for your CTR to dramatically improve by involving all of your listings and promotions.

  1. Focus on the relevance of the listing

Ensure that all of the ads linked to your listing are relevant to what your customers and clients are looking for. Then, they will not get as many clicks as if they are inappropriate and have a bad CPC. Also, the main leads will perform a lot worse over time.

  1. Keep your leading bid very competitive

Try to keep your bidding efforts at the top of the leaderboard so that they don’t stand a chance against other advertisers in the same boat as you regarding keywords.

  1. Monitor your overall campaign results

Improving your Google Ads listing and making some slight changes will help you see the changes made further down the line as your ads will significantly improve.

What Points Do You Need To Follow For This To Increase?

Positions, traffic, and the cost 

You can’t ignore the fact that the most well-known website on a search engine that is at the very top is the one that is getting more overall traffic.

It has been shown that the top position will get a unique click-through rate of 7.1%. But remember that this kind of data has not been updated in quite some time, so these numbers would have doubled if not tripled.

Factors for calculating your ad rank

Four main factors need to be considered at this particular point.

  • Your CPC
  • Your overall ad quality score
  • Your main landing page and its usability
  • Your top ad competition

Google algorithm updates

How Can You Improve your Google Ad Listing?


Bidding is one of the easiest ways to improve your Google Ads listing. The only issue with this is the cost that can affect your bid and conversion levels.

Bidding is also one of the most accessible and challenging parts of Ad Words, especially when trying to change the ranking levels. 

Quality score 

To stand any chance of improving your listing, you need to have a top-of-the-range quality score.

You can use this quality score as a pathway to your AdWords. The higher your quality score, the better chances you are given for your levels to improve and your bidding chances to better themselves. 

Landing pages  

Landing pages are another part of the puzzle.

Google wants to ensure that every single user can click, look, and visit your site without any trouble and that they are greeted with some different areas of helpful information about your business and listing that is also easy to navigate. 


Competition is a tricky thing to change. The only way that you can change your Google Ads listing competition is by trying to avoid them. So, this is where your kind of keyword research comes into action.

How Can You Increase Your Google Ad Listing Without changing Anything?

When working on your Google Ads listing, it is probably known that you are finding different problems, such as having a low-ranking level or ad position, which also affects your budget overall.

The best option for you is to find many different ways on how this can be improved as far as your Google Ads listing is concerned.

  1. Your quality score and the link to your ranking formula

Whilst people work on their Google Ad and the listing, more often than not, they seem to forget about how vital the quality score is.

If you have many keywords, this will also affect your quality score and your ranking formula.

  1. Use the option of search terms for your keywords

Including the option of search terms with your keywords and quality score helps your campaign overall and will eventually even increase the placement of where you are on Google’s ranking levels.

  1. Work on bettering your ad relevance

Bettering your ad relevance is another option to consider, especially where your listing and quality score are concerned.

If everything is average, then you would need to increase everything so your quality score, ad, and listing.

  1. Use the best keyword tool

By including the keyword tool, you will be able to find the same but better keywords; this is extremely helpful as not only will it improve the response of your keywords but also your

  1. Improve your overall website

Making your website easier to navigate and more user-friendly for your clients will also improve how you move up the ranking levels with your listing and help you rank higher on Google.

  1. Include the main keywords in the central area of your website 

By including the main keywords in the central area of your website, your Google Ads listing will improve as you have included meta tags on the main page of your website.

How to Increase Your Position in Google Ads Listings

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