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How To Keep Visitors On Site For Longer And Why It Matters

Knowing how to keep visitors on site for longer will help you achieve your business goals.  

There are an endless number of strategies you can use to keep visitors on site for longer, it’d be impossible to put them all into one blog! Instead, this blog will outline in detail four strategies that are proven to work and explain why each of them matters. Read on to find out how you can improve your visitor conversion rate with these simple tips! 

Keeping Visitors On Site: Why Does It Matter? 

Think about the main function of your website. What was it made for? To market your business? Sell your products? Those things are only achievable if users stick around.  

Imagine if your site was a physical shop. People come in and out of the doors all day. Some with bags full and some have found something they like but need to think about it. Then there are those that come in, look around for a minute, and leave semi-awkwardly, never to be seen again. It doesn’t do you any damage per se and you go on with your life.  

Website traffic is much the same, however, some users are less likely to even stick around for a minute… and it can do some damage.  

High-bounce rates on your site can have an impact on your SEO. While Google has come out to say it is not a ranking factor, many industry experts will disagree. In reading the article ‘Is Bounce Rate A Google Ranking Factor?’, you can see the industry is riddled with contradictions on whether it really is or isn’t.  

Ultimately, a high bounce rate suggests poor user experience, which definitely IS a Google ranking factor.

Strategies For How To Keep Visitors On Site For Longer 

1. Create High-Quality, Engaging Content  

The bones of any website is, of course, content. We SEO writers live and breathe content. Whether it’s blogs, web copy, videos, livestreams, podcasts… For a site to be engaging, the content ball must continue rolling. 

Take TikTok for example. Okay, they’re a content platform, so they do have a bit of an advantage. And no, they’re not generating all their content themselves, but just stick with it… 

According to Social Champs stats and analytics report, there are 34 million videos posted to TikTok daily. Now, if we’re talking about keeping visitors on site for longer (admittedly hours), you now see why I mention TikTok. And I’m guessing you can see the correlation between fresh content and keeping visitors engaged.  

While it’s highly unlikely your website can emulate what TikTok does, you can ensure your platform is packed full of compelling content. And here’s how: 

  • Target Content To Your Audience: Know your audience’s preferences, what they want to see, and what they engage most with. Tailor your content so it specifically resonates with them.  
  • Eye-catching Headlines: Not clickbait, but craft headliners that will draw in readers and entice them to explore your site further.  
  • Use Visuals And Lots Of Them: Nobody is sticking around to read an essay about how amazing you are (sorry). Break up text with images, infographics, videos and other types of multimedia to make content more engaging.  
  • Valuable Content: Bring something new to the table so visitors feel they are gaining something new when on your site.  
  • Update Your Site Often: Keep the fresh content mill churning, giving a reason for site visitors to keep coming back. 

2. Fast Loading Speed Will Keep Visitors On Site

One of the best things about the internet and why it is so popular is because it is so accessible. The number of people using the internet is now almost 5 billion. The internet allows us to access information in a few clicks, a phenomenon that still impresses us daily.  

With information at the tip of our fingers, what have we got not very good at doing… You guessed it, waiting. If a website’s loading speed is slow (and I’m taking a matter of seconds for loading), best believe we get fed up and bounce to another site. 

Make sure your site loading speed is more efficient by:  

  • Minimising HTTP requests 
  • Choosing a reputable hosting provider  
  • Leverage browser caching 
  • Compress images  

For more information on optimising user experience, check out our blog- How Do Content Marketing And SEO Work Together To Boost Online Visibility?

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3. Simplify Website Navigation 

Judging a book by its cover 100% applies to websites.  

Much like the point above about loading speed, if information is taking too long to find, users will go somewhere else. They want to locate the information they are looking for quickly, instead of digging through your website to draw it out. Despite what your parents say, get your best bits on show!  

Think of site navigation as holding a visitor’s hand through the buyer journey. If you are not sure how to do this, read our blog on How Do I Create Content For The Consideration Stage Of The Buying Cycle? (and then come back, we’re not done yet). 

You can improve site navigation by: 

  • Have a search bar in the header of your site so that visitors can instantly access pages relating to keywords.  
  • Design your site to be mobile-friendly, after all, Statista reports that 96% of the digital population is mobile phone users connected to the internet.  
  • Have a clear and organised menu structure. 
  • Use breadcrumbs so that users can easily navigate back through your site’s hierarchy. 
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4. Use Effective Call-To-Actions 

A call-to-action (CTA) basically tells users what to do next. Your content should have answered whatever their initial query was, and now they need some direction of where to go next. What can they do with this information? Give a reason to keep visitors on site.

Essentially, you need to strike while the irons hot! Effective calls-to-action will-  

  • Use Action-Oriented Language– ‘Read More’, ‘Enquire Now’, ‘Get Started’ 
  • Are Strategically Placed– After they have gathered information, encourage them to convert. CTAs are a great round-off on service pages or blogs.  
  • Are Eye-Catching– Let it be a bold, unmissable statement. Trial different designs to see what works best with your customers. 

Trust GrowTraffic To Keep Visitors On Site For Longer 

There is a lot you can do to keep visitors on site for longer. However, we worry this blog would go on for too long. And as you know, engaging content is one approach! 

At GrowTraffic, we support businesses, big and small, by offering website design services that are built to rank and convert visitors into customers. Not only will your website look great, but it will work great too!  

Our core services are in content marketing and have proven to be successful with many of our clients. Check out some of our case studies here.  

If you would like more advice on keeping visitors on site for longer or would be interested in working with GrowTraffic, then contact us today. 

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