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How to Make Money From Parking Your Domain Names

Domain name parking is one of those techniques that is bigger, known and highly variable.

Sometimes without even realising, you can make a lot of money from it, while other times, that is not the case, and you can lose money on the side of the annual registration fees.

What Is Domain Parking?

Domain name parking, or as it is known as cash parking, is the level of advertisements on a parked web domain that can generate the revenue whilst the part is not active.

This is similar to how affiliate marketing works; you make money based on how many users and customers visit your website and click on the advertisements.

What Are The Benefits Of Domain Name Parking?

When you think about domain name parking, remember that it is not practical for every type of entrepreneur. However, it will hold some advantages in that that can immediately connect to the internet.

For example, if you have a unique URL but are not entirely sure what to do with it, you could use cash parking to generate that revenue without needing to run a completely different website.

Making Money With Excess Domains

There are so many ways that you can use your domain name portfolio to make some extra money. In this instance, we will be talking about domain parking and the possibility of other options.

  1. Domain parking

Parking a domain name means that you will have to register the domain but not necessarily put it on your website.

You are essentially turning the domain into that main landing page with a title that includes the field, knowing that not many people will be interested in purchasing the domain.

You will cover your landing page with lots of different ads, and when a customer or visitor clicks on your page, that is when you will see the money come through. Then, if someone is interested in purchasing the domain, you can sell it for a sure profit.

  1. Flipping domains

Domain names grow in value as they move on and age since the age factor of the domain is centred on a search ranking level in Google, an important one.

Many of these marketers are looking for the domains that have been around for a long time to sell and put their website on for a bit of extra value. You can park these domains and wait until someone is interested in them enough to the point that they will buy them.

  1. Microsite selling

You can purchase a domain name and set up the simplest microsites on them to help it add some value.

These websites are the path to the right narrow niche site with lots of different pages, and also maybe another area of content like one particular blog post a month, just to keep them interested and active.

They will run after links. Usually, that can make you some money. This is sometimes a lot more consuming than you think to implement in a profit aspect. The idea is to make some sort of affiliate income from the website while putting in the value that it will be worth selling for.

Three Types Of Investment-Worthy Domains

Put some natural energy into executing an excellent domain name parking strategy if you hope to pull a sort of profit.

Since Google has the authority to penalise you if you attempt to build any traffic through SEO or any other marketing method linked to a parked domain, your domain names will need to be very good, and the name will need to be acting and your driving force.

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What Are The Different Domains?

  1. Misspelt domains

Did you know that Google owns most redirects that link to their home page, and the domains are,,,,, and

These variations, which involve many different misspellings and incorrect pluralisation, are much more common than you think.

  1. Fresh and new domains

A new domain name different from the misspelt ones should combine all three types in your portfolio to see which ones work best for your business; using domains that have never been used is also a great option.

The benefits of a new domain are usually very affordable; you can quickly figure this out by looking at the potential costs of these domain companies.

  1. Expired domains

If you are worried that these could get you into trouble and that these new ones are not powerful enough yet, investing in other domains is also a mighty move.

Just ensure the target and its domain are receiving the right amount of traffic because not a lot of them pass that first initial test to hold the same value as the new domains but with a higher price tag.

Why Should You Park An Unused Domain?

High-quality domains are a great asset. A lot, if not all, website and domain name owners decide to keep using an expired web project until they find the right second owner. There are many other reasons why they have made this domain decision.

Other factors that you need to think about are:

  1. Their backlink profile
  2. The search engine ranking
  3. Existing evaluations

How to Make Money From Parking Your Domain Names

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