How To Manage The Relationship With Your Digital Marketing Agency

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How To Manage The Relationship With Your Digital Marketing Agency

Ever wondered why you bothered hiring that digital marketing agency? Why you didn’t have any success with campaigns or maybe you’re feeling a bit ripped off by it all?

We hope you haven’t experienced any of that but sadly it does happen to some marketers or business owners and there is usually one reason why…the relationship was bad.

Much like a toxic romantic relationship, you just couldn’t wait to get the hell out there.

On the flip side, having a great relationship with your agency can only enhance the work they’re doing for you and make the entire affair quite positive for all parties.

As I’ve worked client-side and now reside at a digital marketing agency, I’ve got a good idea of what it requires from both parties to form a great working partnership.

Here is some advice on getting the best out of us (or any other agency – you cheater)

Tell Us Everything!

When we work with a client, we only have one goal in mind – achieving what you want! (within reason of course…) and the more information we have from your end the more successful we will be. So don’t be shy when it comes to sharing everything with us!

For starters, we need a deep understanding of your brand and products or services. Some useful documents to pass over to us are your brand guidelines and strategy, tone of voice documents, and any content planning you might have already done. If this isn’t something we’re working on with you, it may be a good idea to create these internally before we get started.

Depending on your internal skillset and because we offer a range of digital marketing services, we may only be part of your overall marketing picture. Giving us an idea of your overall marketing strategy and what you’re doing in-house is useful as it helps us understand the bigger picture. You’ll also benefit from us being able to offer advice – for example, if we spot an area you’re doubling up efforts or we think there may be a clash between two activities, we can point this out immediately and offer expertise.

When it comes to digital marketing especially, we want to be all up in your business…tell us what campaigns you are planning, what you’ve done before and if you’re working with any other digital agencies/professionals. Don’t worry, we aren’t greedy and planning on stealing any other agencies business – it’s quite common to find businesses working with multiple agencies and for those two agencies to work together to help you reach your goals.

In short, the more we know about your business, what everyone will be doing and where we fit in, the better your results will be.

Treat Us Like One Of Your Own

Share your biscuits with us, invite us to your Christmas party, copy us in on juicy office gossip – we want to be part of your team! You don’t need to go that far but when working with any agency, view the team or your account manager as an extension of your team.

Practically speaking, that means keeping us in the loop with anything that might potentially affect how we help you achieve your goals or our relationship.

Treating us like one of your own doesn’t mean passing work over to us that you could do in-house. It’s a waste of your budget and not a great use of our time. Hear me out…

We’re guessing the reason you’re looking to hire a digital marketing agency is that you’re missing a skillset in-house. You’re paying us to fill that gap, almost as though you’ve hired a new member of the team. Almost all the work we do is set at an hourly rate and we want you to get the best value by only getting us working on the things you can’t do. You’ll also be more productive when you’re not bogged down with tasks that aren’t within your skillset and can focus on what you’re good at.

Communicate, Communicate And Communicate Again

The overriding theme of managing the relationship with your digital marketing agency is to ensure everything is communicated effectively.

We’re nothing but open and honest and we need the same from our clients to form successful relationships and achieve success. The more you communicate with us, the more you are going to get from the partnership.

We aren’t saying you need to call us every morning for a chit chat (you can if you want to!) but keeping us up to date, feeding back on the work we doing and asking questions is what we love and how you will get the most from us.

Of course, some clients just want us to send them their reports and shut up – that’s also fine but it won’t be a very fulfilling relationship for either of us and if you’re paying for our time and skills, why not make the best use of it?

So remember, communication is key!

Looking For A Best Friend/Digital Marketing Agency?

We can be both if that’s what you need. Well, your best digital marketing friend. Get in touch for a chat about your needs and how we can help you.

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