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How To Optimise A WordPress Website

Learning how to optimise a WordPress website is why you have loaded this specific page, and we’re here to help! We just hope our site wasn’t slow, that wouldn’t be a great start would it 🙂

Anyway, you can’t afford to lose seconds when it comes to the internet. Speed and overall site performance are key indicators of how well your website is optimised.

In fact, if your WordPress site is slow and sluggish it will force users to wait for even a few seconds, you’re likely to feel the negative effects right away. You can see rising bounce rates, decreased conversions, and poor search rankings.

In this GrowTraffic blog, we are going to discuss why optimising your WordPress website is important, how to optimise a WordPress website, and how we can help you achieve that.

Why Do I Need An Optimised WordPress Website?

Today’s users expect fast loading times, and your website needs to live up to those expectations. In fact, making sure your website is fast and performs well is the first of Google’s four Web Fundamentals, and it’s easy to see why.

The biggest issue with not having a fast website is that your users will often lose patience and leave. This negatively affects your bounce rate (the number of visitors who click away after only seeing one page). Nearly half of users expect sites to load in two seconds or less, and 40% will leave a site if it hasn’t loaded within three seconds.

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What Are Top Tips To Optimise Your WordPress Website?

WordPress offers plenty of options for optimising your website to make it faster and more reliable. In fact, even if you’re not an expert in website optimisation, you can use several methods to improve your websites loading times.

Always Keep Your Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Software Updated

You should always make sure your WordPress, plugins and themes are constantly up to date. We know you may ignore or get numb from the number of updates you receive, but if you ignore these updates when they become available the performance of your website could be affected.

The most important reason is security. The new update will ensure that your website is safe against any cybercriminals or threats.

Each new update not only ensures you’re safe from any external threats but also improves the compatibility of your website to the latest PHP version which includes the latest optimisations – this includes how your site handles code and delivers content (Peak performance).


Caching plugins allow you to publish static files rather than dynamic ones. This significantly reduces the time a page takes to load as there are no PHP commands to execute.

Caching your pages is one of the most effective ways of optimising your page loading times, with many plugins improving the time by tenfold. Popular caching plugins include WP Super CacheW3 Total Cache and WP Fastest Cache. All three plugins are available free.

Optimising Your Image Files

One of the biggest reasons your website reduces in speed is your images. Images are perfect for displaying a brand story and complimenting your text, however, they require a larger server space and bandwidth.

Making sure they’re the proper size, don’t upload and then scale with HTML. Always make sure you fill in the ALT text when uploading them to your website – this is always google to understand the image.

Choosing A Quality Host

The most important one.

Picking the hosting is one of the first and most important choices you’ll make when building your website. Since your web host is where your site lives, it will determine your site’s speed, performance, and how well it can cope with high traffic.

When a user clicks on your website, your host’s server will determine how quickly information is passed to them. To cut it short, your site can never be faster than the server.

The reason we choose this as the most important one is when optimising your website with all of the above tips, they will essentially be nullified if you have a poor-quality host.

Optimising A WordPress Website With GrowTraffic

If you are feeling overwhelmed by how to optimise a WordPress website or are struggling to adopt the tips we have elaborated on, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at GrowTraffic.

We are a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency based in Lancashire and Yorkshire that offers a wide range of digital marketing services.

We specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and content marketing! You can call us on 0161 706 0012 or send us an email at info@growtraffic.co.uk.

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