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How To Optimise Your PPC Campaign For Subscription Websites

Pay per click or (PPC) as it is known as is the most used way of advertising.

PPC has shown that it is very effective when helping to drive this area of traffic that is on the very end of converting.

The use of pay per click has become a well-known tactic that helps increase the use of all traffic, but it requires the proper amount of planning and monitoring to make sure it is boosting your business.

Sometimes even if you have put a lot of work into these PPC campaigns, they might not be as successful as you would want them to be.

What makes the possibility of this worse is that you might not be able to understand why your campaign is not performing at the best possible level.

if you’re trying to sell a subscription service it’s even more difficult to understand how your business is performing because you do not just have to think about a single sale.

In order to really understand what’s going on here, you are going to have to track a load more data to understand your ROI and that’s essential to determining how your PPC campaign is actually performing.

What Are The Different Ways That You Can Optimise Your PPC Campaign?

Optimise your PPC Campaigns

Optimising your page for a PPC campaign and a subscription service is not that different from optimising a particular campaign and its main page.

You need to be able to use the cost per click, optimise the use of the click rates that your page will be getting, and your conversion rates.

Optimise Your Keyword Score

To do this, you will need to find the targeted keywords you want to choose for this PPC campaign whilst including other tactics such as the use of (cost per click) as this will help you see where your work will rank.

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How Do These PPC Campaigns And The Subscription Service Help Your Business?

Build A Strong Foundation

A foundation is an excellent base for the structure of your PPC campaign and its service. But don’t forget it can be easy to lose track of how you are building this campaign and the advertisement behind it.

Always try to ensure that the ad campaigns you are using in this subscription service are as organised and well thought out as possible, and if you are struggling with your keyword, include another one.

Identify The Right Keywords And Stay Focused On Them 

More often than not, the AdGroups in the PPC campaign you have included will have so many different keywords in them.

So, you may sometimes want to have a list of these keywords and see how they are performing on your page and in the campaign. You should be keeping an eye on the keywords that help you get a high-quality rate and the high click-through rate.

Always Ensure That Your Ads And Your Campaign Stays Relevant

If you have used many different keywords that focus on many other areas of your campaign and service, it is a good idea to create many landing pages for each of these keywords, so they have a better chance of getting a higher quality score and ad rank, which will increase your account’s performance.

One of the biggest mistakes in these kinds of campaigns that some companies make – even the big and well-known ones – is they are using a one size fits all landing page instead of having multiple landing pages. The best performing campaigns are granular and the landing pages reflect this.

Great Ways To Optimise Your PPC And Subscription Service Performance

Suppose you are spending enough time on these PPC campaigns and ensuring that your account is up to date and improving any results that might have needed to be changed. You need to be able to keep up with this.

  1. Create A Great Account Structure

The foundation for achieving the best level of your PPC campaign performance has a strong account structure.

Often, companies dive into creating their account without realising how much work goes into it, and then they make a right mess of it.

  1. Work On Your Negative Keyword List

Continuously working on your negative keyword list will help you monitor and see what keywords are harmful. They are going to improve the results for your PPC campaign and the subscription service that you are using.

The best way to see which kinds of keywords have a negative impact is by looking at the queries your visitors are seeing your ads for, by using the search term report in Google Ads.

  1. Pause The Keywords That Have A Poor Performance

The first thing you will need to do is run a test to ensure what you have been doing with your PPC campaign has enough data to make this overall decision.

But if your keyword has only been in use for a couple of days, it is better to leave it and give it some more time to gain lots more data instead of pausing it perhaps straight away.

How to Optimise Your PPC Campaign for Subscription Websites

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