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How to Promote an Affiliate Link Without a Website

Building a new website can be very time-consuming as well as expensive.

Now affiliate marketers are looking to skip this step. But if you think about it, affiliate marketing and no website would be challenging and impossible.

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Need A Customised Landing Page?

A landing page on a website is a simple one-page website description that is very easy to do. Affiliate marketers can use this when they are marketing their products.

The great thing about a landing page is that you can use a pretty much similar design and use it for this landing page and the products.

Find Affiliate Marketing Programmes That Don’t Require A Website

Some programmes don’t mind if you have a website or not. Just ensure that you read the requirements and the terms and conditions before applying for any of these affiliate programmes.

Email Marketing

 This can be quickly done by sending out emails instead of having to drive visitors to your site. Additionally, it is possible to promote items through affiliate marketing without a website, as you can use email instead.

To get people’s email details, you might need to use the concept of social media first, so they are correct, and not everyone would want to buy products straight away anyway.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is a great way to display your affiliate marketing as you can do this through other areas of content, e.g. another blogger’s page.

You can also do this through Facebook ads or getting a slot in an advertising magazine or space directly from somebody else’s page.

Unfortunately, unlike the accessible social media format, advertising is not, so for this to be great, you need to understand how it works properly.

optimising website for search engines to get enquiries through website

Can You Make Money From Affiliate Links Without A Website?

You definitely can make money from these affiliate links without a website.

Firstly, you need a keyword or subject that includes something that you are familiar with and then find something to help you get this up and running and organise everything for you.

A simple method would be to start using ad networks to find your audience. The most popular ones will help you have a head start in this area and experience traffic volume.

Four Ways To Start Affiliate Links Without A Website

  1. Media buying

Media buying is the buying of ads from a particular ad network that helps to promote your work to these different network users. This is the number one strategy when getting instant results is included.

  1. Social media

Including social media is a free strategy that is an excellent place to begin if you already have a known presence on many social media platforms.

If this is not the case, spending your time to build an audience through this area of content will help you tremendously, especially where your followers are concerned.

  1. Content marketing

This is another fantastic way to create content without needing a website, as you can gain many followers.

Including your work on different affiliate pages and being involved in many paths of free traffic will help you earn a small amount of commission from having your work on other outlets.

  1. Video marketing

This method is excellent as you can take your time in perfecting your content before you start to accept any offers. In addition, you can use other links that direct to other people’s blogs but where your work has been included.

If you keep heading in this direction and think long term, you will see some great results.

How to Promote an Affiliate Link Without a Website

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