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How to Promote an Amazon Product on Google Ads

Did you know that over 20% of all amazon sellers use the platform of Google ads to promote and display their products?

The findings and strategy behind this, which is known as Amazon AdWords, is a link to one of the most significant search engines on the entire planet and one of the most well-known ad platforms in the US, that helps to better all sales and gives you better and additional benefits to your Amazon account.

Why Should Amazon Sellers Consider Using Google Ads?

Google ads are an excellent option for your amazon products because the concept behind their work is that you will be able to sell to more suitable channels, which in turn means you will get more customers and more success.

By making this decision, improving your sales will also help with other elements of your business, including your ranking levels.

Also, this is a beneficial tool to help build a strong and balanced customer and client portfolio, which unfortunately is not the case with Amazon.

How To Set Up The Right Google Ads Campaign For Amazon?

  1. Create your Google ads account

If you have not already started this process in which you have an account, you will need to set one up by going onto the google ads website.

When you first create your new google ads account, you will be shown a link to how the process works. When you follow this, you can get your new ad up and running much quicker and have the opportunity to make the campaign yours.

  1. Begin a new campaign

The first thing that you will need to do at this point is to choose your main campaign goal. These goals can include sales, new leads, your website traffic, your overall brand awareness and how it can reach others.

Once you have decided on the type of campaign you are looking for, you will choose this campaign and pick the search ads option. Before the final step.

  1. Pick your campaign settings

The next step is beginning the process of your campaign and its settings. First, try to name your campaign something simple that you will remember easily. Then choose how you want your main products to be sold and the primary demographic for your target audience.

Since you are just starting, use the Manual CPC setting.

  1. Include ad groups

These ad groups and their settings are designed to link to the main section of keywords. So, first, you will need to decide on the main kind of bid that you want for your business and the keywords that will be your primary focus.

Keywords and the right ones are the sole focus of this particular instance. Google will help you with this by giving you a list of the ones with a main line of enquiry to your landing page.

  1. Your ads

This is the final process, your ads.

You will have a limited amount of space in which you can mention your product, what it is about and why people should buy what you are selling. Keep it short but straight to the point.

For the best results, include two primary ads per group. The good thing is Google will automatically split these ads up and choose the most beneficial one.

What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Google AdWords That Can Benefit Amazon?

Google ads are such a massive platform, especially with the kind of work that it can do to help other known brands like Amazon.

Google Shopping Ads

When you search for a particular item on Google and, in this instance, Amazon, the exact thing, its images, and the prices will pop up immediately. In addition, these ads will have a link that shows an item is sponsored.

Since these items have an image included, more people will likely click on them, especially from an advertisement point of view, compared to the other option.

Google search ads

There are specific search ads for Google, especially how Amazon is involved. It will have a mention of the advertisement that links these two together. In addition, you can add different sections to your page, e.g., a call to action on how you can be contacted.

Google re-marketing ads

If a user who has searched for you on Google Ads but is using Amazon and your website decides to leave that page for whatever reason, then this particular user will start to see what you sell on other websites similar to yours.

More often than not, many of these users can not always decide if they want to purchase an item that they have been looking at.

What Is The End Goal Of Including Google Ads To Help You Promote Your Amazon Products?

The end goal of Amazon selling their products on Google Ads is all of the signals and tags that link to the main product and landing page so amazon can see the different mentions of how everything comes together and that their ranking levels will be higher.

You will get rewarded for your rank.

The last thing that I suggest is that you send your traffic to your Amazon listing and include Google Ads, as it will help you exponentially.

How to Promote an Amazon Product on Google Ads

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