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How To Reclaim Lost Backlinks

Including link reclamation is an essential part of how your SEO runs and how it can be highly effective in the long run. Still, it can be scary if you don’t necessarily understand why, it is valid or how it matters too.

Understanding backlinking is not easy; it can be very time-consuming and decrease your SEO, affecting your site’s overall credibility.

How To Reclaim Those lost Backlinks?

Finding the broken main internal links

Fixing those links is such an essential step in putting all of the pieces together and is usually the first step in how these links are then reclaimed. You can use a tool or perform your crawl to find these links.

If you are doing it for your site, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Click on the main codes tab
  • Filter what you are looking for
  • Sort the code into the correct order
  • Highlight the web address that has been affected and include the code
  • Click on the links and find the internal links that are related to the page

Fixing the broken internal links

The next and most crucial step in this process is to fix these broken reclaimed links. For this to happen, you need to find the pages with the broken links and change everything.

Remember that if you cannot find a link that needs to be fixed, you may need to get rid of that link altogether and start from scratch.

Why Is It Important To Reclaim These Links?

These link reclamations ensure that your company’s link equity is maintained.

Link equity is part of the puzzle for SEO and its value for the linking, where the principal value and the line to authority are moved from one page to another through the reclaimed links.

By finding and reclaiming these links, everything on your website can stay at the high level it is currently and that you have also worked hard on.

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When Should You Use This Link Reclamation Strategy?

Link reclamation is usually needed when they have been lost. There are many different ways in which why this may have happened:

  • Broken link

If this is the case, your clients will see an error page due to the broken URL website page. This usually happens when the business changes its website without adding the necessary steps.

  • Page redirect issues

It can also happen because of a broken direct link or a loop that keeps going, and there is no end to it. Which then leads to a broken link.

  • Link Removal

This happens when the website owner has decided to remove the link entirely.

  • The date has passed for the quality of the links

These could also be old links that were unfortunately purchased long ago or even links from a low-quality site that Google would not allow.

  • Content not being where it should be

This happens when the previously linked page to your site has run out of date and no longer exists on Google and other internet platforms.

What Are Some Of The Advantages of Link Reclamation?

Many of these link-building strategies focus on ensuring that they get the correct new links to be a part of their site. However, it is also essential that you can monitor and maintain the ones that you already have.

With that being said, there are some benefits to this:

  • It gives you more chances to prove yourself against your competitors
  • Maintain the original value of the link
  • Not all of the errors can be seen when doing your crawls
  • Helps your website to improve and its SEO efforts

Should You Fix The Reclaimed Link Or Build a New One?

This will all depend on the original value of the link, and the main reason is why the reclaimed connection was lost in the first place. Understanding why this happened will be your golden nugget for solving your link reclamation issue.

Tools That Can Help You With Your Link Reclamation

There are so many different tools that can help you with the link reclamation process.


This kind of platform provides so many different sources that can help you see where these links broke and where they got lost. In addition, you can visit other elements, such as where all of your backlinks are and how everything is performing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be an option that you also choose to help you track and find the lost link. However, for the process to happen, you need to follow some main steps, and they are:

  1. Create the correct Google account for you to find the lost links

2. Click on the list at the side. Then go on all traffic and referrals

  1. Use the new report to help you spot and check all of the links and backlinks

How To Reclaim Lost Backlinks

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