How to Remove the Upgrade PHP Warning in WordPress

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How to Remove the Upgrade PHP Warning in WordPress

PHP – a scripting language created in 1995 in order to create dynamic and interactive websites. WordPress, a system that many digital marketers, business owners and web developers are aware of, is written using PHP. PHP isn’t a static language, and like many plugins and software related to WordPress, it is constantly evolving, bringing us new updates and features. To secure your WordPress website, it is important to stay up to date with updates in software. Thankfully, WordPress makes this easy for you to maintain, presenting you with a warning on your dashboard if the software is due for an update. So, picture this, your site is running fine, yet every time you log in, you are presented with a warning. This blog aims to show you how to remove the upgrade PHP warning in WordPress.

There may be several reasons why you are being presented with an upgrade PHP warning, one of them being that WordPress is working preemptively, making sure you keep on top of upcoming updates and aren’t left behind, in the worst case scenario, causing your website to break.

Another reason may be down to a plugin, some plugins in WordPress function optimally when using the newest version of PHP, so they may be prompting you to upgrade.

Either way, if you have been ignoring the upgrade PHP warning in WordPress for a while, this blog is for you.

Ways To Deal With The Upgrade PHP Warning In WordPress

Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you are becoming irritated by the upgrade PHP warning. Maybe you have been ignoring it for some time now and want to know how to get rid, or you simply just want to know what it means.

Although this isn’t our advice, you could just continue to ignore the warning. Let’s explore what may happen here.

Not only will you have to get used to seeing the warning, which can become quite annoying, but it could also lead to issues within your website if you simply ignore the warning. Some of your plugins may stop working, some of them may detect a problem and in the worst case, WordPress detects issues throughout your whole site which eventually leaves you with a broken website. 

You may be able to seek additional support from your hosting provider if you want to keep an older version of PHP, however, this may not last long and comes with additional costs that will likely ramp up as time goes on.

You may decide to hide the warning, which is also an option, but unfortunately has pretty much the same consequences as ignoring it completely. There may be reasons for you to not update, maybe a plugin that only works with an older version, but eventually, upgrading your PHP becomes critical for the wellness of your website.

If you are working on a solution or simply can’t upgrade your PHP just yet, the constant warning can become irritating, if not stressful to keep seeing, so may choose to hide it.

How To Hide Upgrade PHP Warning In WordPress:

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Locate the dropdown area – “Screen Options”
  • Click that to open the hidden menu where you will find “PHP Update Required”
  • Unchecking that box will hide it from your dashboard

The third and arguably the best option – upgrade PHP! This is the only real option you have, even if it takes you a while to get to it, to avoid breaking your plugins or website.

How To Upgrade PHP:

  • Make a list of everything on your site; including the plugins you’ve using, your theme etc
  • Audit that list – check for any errors or potential risks
  • Make any minor updates before upgrading PHP
  • Backup the site
  • Upgrade!

Upgrading PHP may not be a simple one button wonder, and it may take several steps which require intricate verification.

The process of upgrading PHP often depends on the instructions set by the web host so be sure to check which steps to follow.

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t remove or ignore the warning and upgrade PHP in WordPress.

Upgrade PHP In WordPress With GrowTraffic

Although we aren’t developers by trade, we know what there is to know about WordPress and how to help when it comes to crucial upgrades. 

If you would like advice on the upgrade PHP warning in WordPress, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team!

You can reach us by calling 0161 706 0012 or emailing

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