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How To Report A Youtube Channel

Every content creator can be picky and opinionated. So, how do you report a YouTube channel when it comes to many factors that are not tolerated, how do you report a YouTube channel?

Reporting a YouTube channel is not easy, but it is necessary when people are not responsible for their actions on this online platform. This will also make your journey with YouTube so much less enjoyable. You came to connect with others, not for any meanness.

How To Report A Channel Directly From YouTube?

You can report a YouTube channel as well as many other actions by:

  1. Open the main YouTube app on your mobile or tablet device
  2. Search for the channel page that you want to report
  3. In the corner with the three straight dots, click on Report user
  4. Click on the option that best describes why you want to say this very channel
  5. Tap the next option
  6. You also have the option to select the content that can be reported as evidence of your reason
  7. Tap next again
  8. Entire any other details that you may have, as the more evidence, the better
  9. Tap submit

Understanding The YouTube Reporting Guidelines?

Before deciding to report a channel, you need to understand the up-to-date reporting guidelines. YouTube has ensured that these protocols keep all its users safe and, most importantly, protected.

Below are some of the guidelines that you need to follow:

  1. Guidelines for any unwanted content and practises
  2. Guidelines for sensitive content
  3. Guidelines for aggressive content
  4. Guidelines for regulated goods
  5. Guidelines for additional policies

How Many Reports Will Need To Be Made To Get A YouTube Channel Deleted?

If This happens, a YouTube channel will be closed, due to not following the three acquired strikes given within ninety days. This can also be due to other actions that should not have taken place with this channel during the time they posted, violating the known guidelines.

What Does Reporting A Channel Do To YouTube?

So much content is uploaded on YouTube daily, as it is one of the biggest online video platforms, and unfortunately, it should be no surprise that people post content that isn’t allowed. Therefore, it is essential to understand what to do in a situation like this.

There are many different things that you can do to report a YouTube channel, and they are:

Mentioning the issue

Flagging any kind of content can happen for many different reasons. If you flag a particular video, it may have been reported to them, but that does not mean it will be taken down after the fact. YouTube has repeatedly mentioned that actions will only be taken if people go against their guidelines.

Reporting the channel itself

Reporting is much more of a deal than the previous point; in this case, they must have gone against all of the mentioned points. This could have happened because they sent threats, bullied someone, or caused a death or injury.

Any other issues

YouTube takes any other issues like copywriting issues so seriously. With this kind of complaint, the said person must describe the reason as to why this has taken place and the information that relates to this page so that the team at YouTube can verify that all of this is true and so they can move on to the next steps. 

Any kind of strike action  

Content creators are automatically banned in all of their work has been removed. So, this is where YouTube uses its version of strikes and gets its first warning. If it goes further than one, they won’t be able to upload content for two weeks and if it goes even further than this.

Then they will, unfortunately, have their entire account terminated.

Further action to their account that leads to a termination

YouTube can terminate all accounts. No matter the situation, even if they have set up another one, they can figure it out and remove them again. If they also go against any of their terms and conditions, they will again be terminated and banned without a warning or strike.

How to report a YouTube channel

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