Ok so this is a bit of a brief overview of the techniques I use to report of search marketing.

Go into analytics, select the client from the drop down.

The click on the date and select the Compare to Past option. Some clients can be compared month on month, where a client has a more seasonal traffic trend it should be compared year on year. Select the dates – remember to select the same start and end days in the month or year prior – this way the traffic trends will be balanced whereas if you choose different days the trends won’t marry and the data will be inaccurate (so if the month is Monday to Monday then the previous data set should also be Monday to Monday – even if this means the data range falls into another month). Note down the date ranges you’ve selected.

Under the graph you will now see comparisons of the previous data.

Note down the following:


This gives you an idea of how the campaign is performing overall.

Bounce rate

This gives you an idea of how the site is working – this should be roughly the same.

New visits

This gives you an idea of how the campaign is performing, increases in New Visitors could be an indication that the site has increased its position for certain keywords, drop in the number of New Visitors could indicate that a keyword has dropped off – it could also indicate that there is a general problem with brand visibility/perception.

Now got to Traffic Sources on left hand menu. Select keywords. Turn off the compare to past option. Under the graph you will see the number of searches sent to the site via the number of keywords. Note down the number of keywords sending traffic.

Now change the date range to the date range you’re comparing to (so the month before or the year before). Again note down the number of keywords driving traffic to the site.
Work out the percentages up and down. The above data is the foundation of the report. Work out why the percentages are up or down.

If there is a discrepancy compare to the past again using the same date ranges as above. In the table in the keywords section you will see how the keywords are performing – is there anything that has dropped off or that has come in. This should then be referenced back to the keyword ranking report – does the change correlate roughly to the changes in the ranking report. If it does then you know which keywords to target, if it doesn’t then there may be something else going on.

Work out what the issue is, then create a strategy of what to change.

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