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How to Set up an Automated Weekly Email Newsletter

Setting up an automated weekly newsletter will mean that every time you publish a new piece of content, your clients will automatically get one specific email with a link to the new post you have just created.

You also have the option of how these are sent, and in this case, it will be weekly.

What Are Some OF The Steps To Creating A Weekly Newsletter?

  1. Set up your account

The first thing you will need to do if you have not already done this step is to set up an email account. This is pretty simple as all you need to do decide who you want your email to be with, the email handle and the concept of this email.

  1. Set up your email list

The next step is that you will need to come up with a list of people who you want to be on your email list so that they receive your automated emails from your business.

Once you have made this decision, you can automatically add them to your business email account and source them through social media and other outlets.

  1. Create an RSS Campaign

Now that you are starting to put all the pieces together for your automated email newsletter. This kind of campaign is called an RSS campaign because it takes the information from your content and turns it into a crowd-pleasing email.

4. To send an automatic email once a week 

If you have decided to send out a weekly newsletter on a specific day, you will need to choose when we should send a tab on your email marketing schedule weekly.

This will then send out that one-a-week email.

How To Ensure That You Are Going Through This Email Newsletter Properly?

Step one: determine the kind of frequency that you are looking for 

As I have previously mentioned, you will want to figure out what days and dates you want to send these emails to your clients and your general email newsletter list.

In this situation, you have a few different options, and they are:

  • The daily digest
  • The weekly round up
  • The monthly call-to-action
  • The here and there message

In this post, we will be picking the weekly email option.

Step two: determine your area of content

Once you have decided when you are sending this email newsletter, you can start putting all the different layers together.

Finding the right kind of template is crucial as it will indicate how many pieces of the puzzle and content you need to include as well as what these pieces should be.

Step three: set up the automation process

Now, it is time for the automation process of this equation.

Mailchimp is an excellent option for this kind of process. All you need to do is click on the sign-up icon right at the top of the page and get started, and they can also help you with your mailing list.

Step four: monitor and improve your email newsletter 

Using a company like Mailchimp makes it so simple to view and look at the different metrics for your email newsletter and the kind of messages you send.

This will also help you see how big your audience is, how many people are receiving these emails, who opened them, and how many people clicked on the link. But, again, it may surprise you the number how many this is.

Mailchimp is a useful tool for content marketing

What Does The Checklist Look like For An Email Newsletter?

  1. Choose the right email newsletter tool for you
  2. Decide on what your newsletter goals are going to be
  3. Choose the perfect template and make a list of your content
  4. Make the template ideal for you
  5. choose your email newsletter size
  6. Add in the main areas of your content
  7. Add in any extra areas of personalisation
  8. Choose the main subject line and your client’s name
  9. Add all of the text and keep it simple
  10. Ensure that everything is legal
  11. Test lots of different browsers to ensure that your email newsletter works
  12. Send the email to your newsletter list
  13. Check and improve on it

The checklist for your email newsletter needs to include some valid points about the overall outlet of what your newsletter will represent.

What Should Officially be Included In An Email Newsletter?

  1. Plan and prepare your company’s newsletter strategy

Before deciding what you want your newsletter to present, you will need to set some objectives.

  • Who is my primary target audience, and what are their needs on my site?
  • What goals do I have for this newsletter?
  • What kind of content do I want to be included in this newsletter?
  • How often am I sending this out?
  • What do my clients and subscribers gain from this newsletter?
  1. Choose your main software

Having that central resource for software purposes will help you to increase the overall deliverability and the management of your letter, as well as some more tactics.

  • Use your known email provider
  • Provide the right kind of analytics on your campaigns
  • Follow all standards
  1. Use a newsletter subscription form

Your email list should be emailed opt-in friendly, so this means that for all of your subscribers and clients that are getting these emails, you need to have their permission to be sending these emails to them.

You will need to include all of your subscribers through this form.

  1. Create your new email newsletter list

One of the simplest ways to expand your email list is to capture all of your subscribers from your previously successful website traffic.

You can first do this by including an option on your main website, where you can add a contact tab.

  1. Attract new clients and email subscribers

At this point, you will need to decide where your sign-up form will be placed on your website, as this will attract new clients. Again, the best position for this is correct at the bottom of your page as it is discrete and out of the way of your main content.

  1. Create your primary newsletter campaign

You can start this off by clicking on the original email icon on your main dashboard. Then click on the new campaign option, which will take you to the other possibilities of filling out all the correct details for your new campaign.

  1. Prepare and send a draft newsletter

The last step in all of these points is to ensure that you can perform a preview of your work and make sure that everything is how you want it to be as far as your email newsletter is concerned.

You should also test your primary line of work before you consider sending any email.

  1. Deliver your newsletter

Schedule all your work, including your campaigns, for this newsletter.

Once you have scheduled everything, you will have the option to choose what date and time you would like this to be sent out to all your clients and new customers, so you have control of what happens.

  1. Track your newsletter’s overall performance

At this point, you would have successfully created your email newsletter, but there are some more steps that you need to complete.

You will need to review your overall newsletter, and its current performance as this is a very effective way of working in marketing.

How to Set up an Automated Weekly Email Newsletter

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