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How To Survive the Next Google Algorithm Update

Google has recently done another algorithm update. The question that I am sure we all want to answer is how we will survive another update.

People who work within the marketing sector will always be worried about the latest Google algorithm update, as all of their hard ones can disappear within one click. This may not be the issue, though, if you already have an excellent foundation.

What Tips Can You Follow To Survive This Update?

  1. Understand your Google ranking factors

If your website has all the needed details and your business is at the top of Google’s ranking factor, then the likelihood of this affecting you isn’t bad.

People within this range are usually safe from this.

  1. Focus on quality content

Quality content may well save you from this nightmare. Google has always said content that can entertain and provide a solution is crucial. Remember to look out for new clients, as this is where it may go down a level.

You will also need to know what content you are talking about.

  1. Monitor your traffic and keep a record of diversity for factors

Even with these updates in place, ensure that your traffic and primary position are relevant to your main keywords. Also, you need to prioritise your traffic when looking at your keywords.

You should also keep a note or record of your audits.

  1.  Create content for users

Create the right kind of content for all users, and don’t try to cheat the system. Unfortunately, Google has had to remind everyone in this industry that you create content for your customers, not updates.

These are some of the key points to follow:

  • Add value to data and all content
  • Include a call to action always
  • Offer your experience and a unique perspective
  1. Come up with a recovery plan

In all situations like these, you should have a recovery strategy plan that you can immediately rely on as soon as you see a crisis.

It needs to be as flexible as possible so it can be used on many different websites if it needs to be. Be straightforward with how you do everything, and don’t do it all at once.

Google algorithm updates

How To Cope With The New Algorithm?

Google algorithm updates. I am sure that by now, we have all heard about them and how sometimes we are deathly petrified of them. But, if you’re not careful, sometimes you can be at the back end of other people’s mistakes.

  1. Follow the best source

There are usually four primary sources that you can rely on for updates. They are:

  • Google’s webmaster blog
  • Search engine journal
  • Backlink co
  • Cognitive SEO blog
  1. Contact an expert

Research the right expert to ensure you know what to do when this happens. The advice that I would give you is to do all of the background checks necessary and make a sensible choice.

You will also need experts’ help when dealing with other matters.

  1. Audit your main website

Any penalty you ever encounter should have an audit from the beginning. I highly recommend using this when you notice any changes, especially within your traffic.

  1. Cancel any other possibilities

In this case, try and think of any other possibilities as far as penalties are concerned.  This is so that you can double-check everything and get rid of any other options and updates, so you can get straight to fixing this issue.

  1. Keep doing SEO

More often than not, the best thing you can do is to keep doing the good stuff. This means keep doing the great SEO you always do, and over a certain period of time, the results that you have been looking for will appear over a certain period of time.

How Many Googles?

Basics For Surviving The Latest Google Update

A significant Google algorithm update has happened. This will affect a huge percentage of all marketing people’s direct traffic. In other instances, people who weren’t doing all that well got better traffic levels.

Below are some of the tips that can help you with this.

  1. Work on the heavier pages- affiliates

Many of the sites affected had high-quality content and a great customer experience. Unfortunately, this also included affiliate-heavy pages full of many direct links.

People started seeing many improvements on their site once they were removed.

  1. Toughen up the thinner content

If you think that you need to better your content, the main things that you need to look out for are it needs to be:

  • Very well-written
  • Be heavily related to the topic
  • Answer all of the questions related to the queries
  1. Make sure a mobile experience happens

Google has made a critical point; all sites now need to provide the best possible experience for all their mobile users. The same kind of rankings matter as they would on a desktop, as you can still do a crawl but just at a lower rate.

  1. Try to stay noticeable in the local search results

This latest update now makes it easier for everyone to stay relevant and for users to find your business the local way, improving all of their initial queries. But, of course, your pertinent information will need to be updated for this to happen.

  1. Don’t include the wrong links

The wrong kind of links from other places, backlinks from unnecessary pages, and connections with text that is not needed can then, unfortunately, result in a minor penalty from Google.

How To Survive the Next Google Algorithm Update

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