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How To Target Frequent Flyers

There are so many different ways in which it is possible to target frequent flyers.

This will all depend on how frequent this will be happening as these frequent flyers are part of a famous market that has links to other possibilities in the travelling market.

I would also suggest that you learn how to work best with all the different market elements by looking at their habits and preferences.

What Can These Frequent Flyer Reports Include?

  1. Customers’ behaviours and interests of these specific frequent flyers and the links are known explicitly for their sentiments towards all of these different travel brands.
  2.  What do their social media and all shopping habits look like within this area of travelling and the market in general and on a broader scale?
  3. The market and brand awareness
  4. What can be the key takeaways for all of these other brands that are looking to target the popular segment of this market

How To Include Facebook Ads In The Frequent Flyers Programme

Many people are probably wondering how these frequent flyers can use Facebook Ads, but they aren’t getting any results. But actually, these ads can help you improve your brand awareness and bring in new conversions, but only if you do it correctly.

The great thing about this is that there is an audience of 1,031 720 on Facebook in general, so this will mean that your frequent- flyer programme has many different outlets and leads to diverse audiences.

What Does The Frequent-Flyer Overview Look Like?

This kind of frequent flyer review can happen amongst this kind of review and the audience it can have, a high percentage of men, 56.4% and women, 43.6%.

This will also include a specific age range and the percentage they account for.

How Can These Frequent Flyers Be Included In A Report?

When you go through all of the frequent flyer advertisements that can be included in your programme, but specifically on Facebook, there needs to be a targeted audience suitable for your business.

After going through all of the information that is included in this and your programme, you can put together an analysis that includes:


Specific age brackets for this frequent-flyer programme are 25-34 and 34.7%, and the higher age bracket of 35-44 is 24.01%. Then the users that are interested in this are 45-54, and 14.88%


Although their gender, men have a higher percentage of 56.4%, and women are 43.6%

Current relationship status

Many people who have taken part in this relationship are either in a serious relationship or are engaged to their partner.


Many people in this programme have a college degree or higher.

Job title

People who participate in this are known for working in admin services and the sales industry and are high in the audience levels.

 Country and region

People across the pond in Australia have the highest percentage, over people taking part in America and India. However, their levels are still relatively high as they are still interested in this.

How Can These Frequent Flyers Target Tourists Through Paid Ads?

The current travel and tourism industry is full of information and different career opportunities for all marketers.

The question is, what are some of the ways that these frequent flyers can target tourists with paid ads?

  1. Use Targeting

Including tourist, ads is difficult because your target audience is more significant than you initially thought. You could be sending ads to every country on the planet, and unfortunately, that will be using quite a lot of your budget.

  1. Target particular interests

Another great way is to focus on people’s interests over their location.

This can then help you display these ads to users who already have exciting experiences and services offered by your company.

  1.    Offer sales

At the beginning of this process, it is great to include some offers, deals and or sales within the advertisement that is going to be included. Every single month people look for the best keywords possible.

  1. Be ready for their questions.

A significant area of customer service starts with understanding the importance of their clients and customers and their overall wants and needs.

To ensure that this runs smoothly, you need to be prepared with the kind of questions that your customers may ask you and include the answers in the advertisement.

  1. Use other options, such as images and videos.

Tourism is all about the experience and how you, as a business, can make them want to experience more out of this opportunity through images and videos.

The only thing that I would suggest is that they are clear and can be seen easily.

How To Target Frequent Flyers

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