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How To Target Gamers With SEO

In the world of digital marketing, having a presence on any of the big search engines is a must. And when it comes to gaming, these are excellent places to target gamers with SEO strategies.

Anyone looking for information on something will typically head straight to a search engine, usually Google. And if it’s a tutorial or an instruction they require visual aid for, it’s a guarantee that YouTube will be visited.

Online presences are no longer optional these days, it’s a requirement. Especially considering just how many of us are active on a digital platform – whether it’s because we have social accounts or just use the internet for browsing.

That many people online usually conjures up a few questions for businessowners and developers. Perhaps the biggest one: How do I get the edge over my competitors? (The answer is SEO by the way, as in a really good SEO strategy.)

So in this GrowTraffic blog, we’re going to help the gaming industry by suggesting a few digital marketing strategies that are gaming focused.

Gaming Focused SEO Strategies

At this point, it’s a bit of a given that the gaming industry is only going to expand. What with all the emerging markets and the new, innovative technologies being developed. Things that are opening doors to new opportunities and higher competition.

Any of the following methods can make a difference to your gaming website and will help you improve your SEO results.

1.     Maximise Your Video Content

Streaming platforms have greatly impacted the gaming world, especially over the last decade. Think of how many people have bought a game just because they watched a streamer’s gameplay. And it’s all because the content is enriched with audience engagement.

One of the most prevalent tools now utilised for promoting gaming content is video content. At this point, video content is essential to gaming SEO.

Organic website on traffic increases with rich and original content. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a tutorial with tips or a review.

2.     Utilise Social Media Channels

Some of the digital world’s most active places; social media channels.

Luckily for you they’re beneficial toward SEO strategies. Followers are more likely to interact and share your posts if you engage with them. Inactive behaviour, or a ghost account, will result in that specific channel being ignored and maybe even losing its audience.

Pages on social platforms are one of the best ways to garner attention and generate activity for your website. Communities can be built full of like-minded and similar people who will engage with content if it’s interesting enough. And sites like Instagram and Twitter will have your posts showing up in the correlating hashtag space for the tags you decide to include.

3.     Backlinking Opportunities

Any site, no matter who or what is being targeted, needs backlinks.

Gamers provide the perfect platforms to build backlinks for your website, too. It’s always nice to talk to other people who share similar hobbies to you so you can express your ideas and opinions with each other. That’s exactly what gaming forums are for.

Often gamers will interact with each other in these environments, maybe just to share opinions about the game or maybe to get useful information in order to complete something in-game.

As long as the content you provide is relevant (and original. And useful. And readable) then you can get a really desired outcome with some proper quality backlinks.

4.     Consider Mobile Users

Of course, in the modern day that we’re in, it would be a little silly to not consider mobile users at all. After all, the number of mobile users only increases each year. Even Google predominantly uses mobile versions of content for indexing and ranking.

Make sure your website is modernised and optimised for a mobile user experience. But don’t forget to also have a webpage layout that is both desktop- and mobile-supportive.

What Considerations Need to Be Made When Choosing SEO Strategies?

Before you design your SEO strategy, there are some considerations you should probably take into account.

Know The Target Market

Going in all willy-nilly is never a good approach.

Knowing your target market will help you reach an audience. In gaming terms, you must know your players and their characteristics before even attempting to get them to play your game. Would a horror game lover really want to play something relaxing when they’re so used to the anticipation and adrenaline of a thriller? (Actually… maybe they will but that’s not the point.)

The most efficient marketing strategies are only made after a target audience has been decided.

Analyse The Competition

Or so it goes.

Wanna get ahead of your competitors? You’re only going to be able to do that by analysing their strategies first. That’s the thing about SEO. It’s not just about what you do, it’s about what everyone else is doing, too, and how you can improve upon it.

You can even replicate their success by checking out the areas they’ve performed more than average in.

We don’t just advise you to analyse competition so you can get ideas, though. It really is a useful thing to do. If you want to beat them then you have to know where they’re struggling. You need to know so that you can avoid it and take advantage which will then increase demand for your page. Because users will be coming to your page for results and answers and tutorials, not theirs.

Contact GrowTraffic

All digital marketing techniques are built on SEO. Techniques of which will only work to maximise you company’s exposure and bring relevant visitors to your website.

And if that’s something you’re interested in, why not reach out to us? We can promise you that we’re at least somewhat competent. Especially if our 10+ years of experience and the fact that we’re a multi-award winning agency is anything to go off.

(But honestly, who’s bragging?)

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