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How to Tell if Paid Traffic is Real or Fake Bot Visitors

Anytime you are your marketing company by a new area of traffic from a known source, you probably think if the traffic is real or fake bot visitors.

You just need to be able to work out whether a large portion of it is accurate or if it is fake.

What Kind Of Fake Bots Do We Need To Be Looking Out For?

The types of bots that you need to be looking out for are:

Click bots

Click bots are used when they are spamming and make wrong clicks. For quite a lot of these marketers and publishers, this is considered the most damaging bot out of all of them.

This is because click bots attack any kind of data and source to marketing that changes advertising without necessity.

Download bots

Download bots affect how you can create a fake download count. This is more known when a marketer or publisher uses their marketing funnel. Then these download bots create a silly download that leads to insufficient data when it is trying to perform 

Spam bots

Spam bots of them are the most common ones out of them all. The purpose of this particular one is to access certain contact information and link it to these fake accounts and social platforms.

They also affect other people’s engagement levels, such as:

  1. Unnecessary comments
  2. Bad emails
  3. Website redirects
  4. Negative SEO

Spy bots

Spy bots don’t need to be named as they do what they are known for and work as spies. They also steal certain parts of data, such as people’s email addresses, from websites and other platforms.

Imposter bots

These imposter bots are part of these fake bot visitors as they try to replicate a form of human behaviour by pretending they are fundamental to visitors. They also do this by hacking into the online security and are responsible for all of the wrong areas of activity.

How Do You Identify These Fake Bots?

The primary way of trying to identify these fake bots is by seeing if there is a particular pattern and monitoring it closely. However, bots are a form of robots; they are also a form of software in which they will find it hard to locate a particular type of human behaviour.

All bots are generally known for being three main parts and pieces, especially when you purchase some traffic. They are:

  1. The simple kind of bots

These are the main pieces to the puzzle of the software that are notified when a known client or user agent, which then, in turn, loads that particular page, and it’s just that simple.

  1. The more complex bots

In reality, these are the same as the simple bots, but the only difference is that they have many more links, such as clicking and scrolling and are more human-like.

  1. Links back to the screen recordings of the bots

These kinds of fake bots are when a particular human performs the primary sequence of some form of actions, and the software that they decide to use plays this known sequence back and links the known address and its agent.


How To Spot A Fake Bot If You Are Using Google Analytics?

You can spot this fake bot traffic in your Google Analytics main admin panel.

Simply just click on the under the view panel, and then you will find your view settings.

Towards the bottom of these particular options, just before the search settings option, you will be looking at the heading titled “bot filtering which is a box that will say “, cancel all hits from bots, spiders, and viruses.

Following these particular steps will eliminate the fake bot visitors that are not real and are not being paid for, but unfortunately, not all of it. You have the option to include filters to stop this for the time being, but only if you are sure that it is human.

How Do Fake Bot Visitors Affect Marketing Websites?

Any bot traffic can ultimately destroy any type of business, especially if these people do not learn or try to understand how they can filter or stop bot traffic.

These websites that rely on the heavy forms of advertising that are the main link to their website with a limited amount of room for improvement are the ones that are most vulnerable to fake bot visitors.

Overall, you just need to be careful when looking to see if the traffic you think is paid could potentially be fake and how this can affect how your business runs.

How to Tell if Paid Traffic is Real or Fake Bot Visitors

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