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How To Tell If You’re Getting Real Or Fake Traffic

Real or fake Web traffic is the number of visitors and online visits that any marketing website will receive. Usually, the more they pop up, the more successful and valuable the site will be over time, which means more conversions.

What Is Fake Web Traffic?

Fake web traffic is known to be generated by bad and fake bots or, even worse, software instead of the simple process of interacting with humans. These bots can pretend to be the movement of your computer and a human and that they are actually on that website.

How Does Fake Website Traffic Affect Your Business?

It has been mentioned that fake website traffic can cost people in the marketing industry over £5.41 million in one single year.

Also, according to a general study, it has been known that any kind of fake website fraud in digital marketing is linked to 11% of businesses’ display ads, and a quarter of all video content was viewed by artificial software and not real visitors.

How To Identify These Forms Of Fake Traffic?

When trying to identify this fake traffic, you need to look at your page and its analytics to see if everything adds up on your end and if not, this is where the fake traffic could be located.

Once you have gotten onto your analytics, you may then need to check the factors below:

  1. Your bounce rate
  2. The different pages and sessions that your website has
  3. The usual length of the page sessions
  4. The time frame of your new sessions

What Should You Be Looking For With Fake Traffic?

Heat mapping

At this particular point, you will need an additional link for this to work. However, heat-maps are a great marketing source in general, as they can be used for many different reasons.

Also, with a heat-map, you can monitor how everything happens and the time frame in, so you can see when your visitors are meant to be popping up on your page.

Site engagement levels 

One of the craziest ways of locating these bots is the data on all websites, such as pop-ups and conversations. Unfortunately, bots are not going to be part of this area.

These bots will try to be innovative and disable all of the scripts that have been mentioned to the point that they will not even load, and this is because of the bot and how they have been able to pretend that they are customers and clients of yours.

Bot traps

To see if you are getting real or fake traffic, you need to know if you can set bot traps on your business website.

You can think about doing this for your website, but you will still need to be careful.

Issues can still happen when you do this. So I would test on a simpler scale to ensure this happens successfully and doesn’t affect your customer levels.

How To Tell When You’re Being Scammed By Real Or Fake Traffic?

The fake traffic generator is the tool that can link to any kind of page views on websites that use all of the known marketing elements in a short amount of time.

This particular kind of software knows the right kind of spots to hit, which will instantly increase the number of views that page has to seem that it has customers and clients at the end of it and is really bots.

Why Should You Never Buy Fake Traffic?

People who sell this traffic do not call it fake traffic, as there are many other generators. Some clicks are in different languages to trick you so these bots can perform.

Quite a lot of these networks will include a particular set of numbers of visitors for a simple rate based on the cost of a website per click. You may think that they sound like they are real, but this isn’t the case, as the traffic they are sending isn’t real.

Also, if you don’t understand why they are doing this, it is sensible to avoid it entirely and focus on your traffic organically. It isn’t worth jeopardising your business and using a fake website.

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What Are Some Of The Types Of Fake Traffic?

  1. Type one- users only view your content through your original website and do this many different times; never use any other source, only your website.
  2. Type two- your users are leading you in the wrong direction. These users only look at one main page on your website and not any of your other lines of content. They don’t move forward with their decision either.
  3. Type three- they keep going onto your website and aiming for the goals of being a bot and not a natural person, which will make you worried about your conversions and how they can perform.

More Tips For Stopping Any Kind Of Fake Traffic?

If this problem is still bothering you, I suggest you reach out to someone who has more knowledge on this and see if they can block this once and for all. Other options can help, like a plugin.

How To Tell If You’re Getting Real Or Fake Traffic

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