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How to Track Phone Calls as Conversions on Your Ad Campaigns

When using these different forms of advertising, the main goal you will have is that you are hoping you can attract any customers. But, of course, this will all depend on the type of ad campaign you are running, for the marketing of your business.

Also, most brand awareness campaigns might feel like further down the line that they do not need to include conversion into their ad campaigns as they are getting enough leads on their own.

What Are The Different Forms Of Tracking?

Facebook Call Tracking

You can track phone calls using the Facebook ads option in two main ways. One of these methods is working with the ads that are just on Facebook, whilst the other is conversions on your website and are part of your ad campaign.

The first primary method for this is figuring out how to track phone calls as one of your conversion actions through your own Facebook page.

Click on your Facebook page and look for the call-to-action button that will be included on your business page, which is in the top corner near your cover photo. In this case, you will want to have your business phone number as your primary option for your call-to-action.

Google Call Tracking

In this instance, Google has four main ways that you can track your conversions for your ad campaigns from phone calls.

You can track many of your calls from the ads your company will have. But with Google ads, you have the control to create one specific type of ad that is called a call-only advertisement.

These kinds of ads will use a particular type of call extension made for your ad campaign and its advertising, which will encourage your customers and users just to use the call-only link and make this their primary area of contact for your business.

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How Do Your Google Ads Help You Track Phone Calls From Your Ad Campaign?

Google is great at tracking all of the valuable information that will be included in your website and your ad campaign, but many businesses use a different kind of score.

A great sales outlet will include other ways of contacting you, and in this instance, this will be calling you over the phone.

Google has made this very easy as they have included the option of call tracking once you have included this on your page.

So, you have your business phone number, which is either included in your ad campaign directly or on the main page of your website, that will be tagged with the call option that you have decided to include.

When your customers call this number, their number is tracked and forwarded to your business number, which someone in your sales team will answer.

Track Calls From Ads

Using the option of your conversions and your ad campaign as tracking will help you see how you can effectively use your call ads and a location extension that will lead to more phone calls for your business.

This kind of tracking using your conversions can track a call as it will last longer than the original minimum length that you chose/set. This way, you can ensure that all the calls you are receiving will go to the correct department in your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Tracking Calls From Ads?

This kind of feature will help you see that when it is included in your ad campaign, and you understand how when everything is pulled together and is working very well for your business, it will allow you to invest better in your ROI and get a better return.

Conversion tracking will also help you take the right kind of advantage towards the bid strategies, your CPA, the return on the money you will spend on your advertisement, and all the different tools that will help you optimise your campaigns based on your business goals.

A Guide To Google’s Call-Only Ads

According to Google, over 60% of people use mobile phones and have contacted a business directly based on their search results, including a “click to call” option.

So, as a business, you will be able to see how important all of these phone calls are for your ad campaign and to mobile users in general, which will lead to more ads.

It has also been known that 62% of people in the marketing business will be using phone calls as a conversion source, but the problem they are having is that they cannot track them. So, the question is, how would we be able to sort this issue out?

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How To Optimise Your Call-Only Ad Campaigns?

When you are creating these kinds of campaigns, there are a few points that you will need to remember:

  1. Target The Right Keywords

Take the right amount of time when uncovering the type of keywords that you will use and the ones that will help you get the right amount of calls through your ad campaign. Look for the keywords that have given you an open-ended option.

One great approach is to find the keywords that you are currently interested in on a mobile concept and also research all of the companies that are using this kind of option.

  1. Take Advantage Of Location Targeting

 These target ads and their aim to display near where all of the business happens will decrease costs and increase the chances of all calls.

As with every form of marketing, the best outcome will happen when you receive increased revenue from your ad campaign. However, if you are not using a source that helps you track these conversions, there will be no way to show customers how this will benefit them and you.

How to Track Phone Calls as Conversions on Your Ad Campaigns

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