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How to Track Your Website Visitors in Real Time

Finding the right way to track your website visitors in real-time can improve the main element of your company’s marketing strategy and many other things.

Having your website visitor tracking can help you reveal all sorts of information about the customers and users engaging with your website and they have behaved during this process.

Businesses more often than not put all their time and effort into ensuring they have the best online presence possible. So, in turn, only a tiny percentage of these customers will convert.

What Kind Of Steps Should You Be Taking To Track Your Visitors?

There are so many different types of data that you can use to track your website visitors in real-time. This may include finding out certain bits of information, they’re behaviour and how their levels are performing.

This will all depend on what the main goal is for this and your company overall, especially with these specific tools and so you may want to think about the following:

  • Their details, the software used, the companies that have decided to represent them and their information.
  • Their click-through rate and the user flow
  • The page traffic
  • Their bounce rates
  • The primary source of their web traffic.

By acknowledging these different categories, your business can develop more effectively and concisely with your strategies.

The Value Of Real-Time Visitors And Their Analytics

The first way you will benefit from this is by being simply technical, getting rid of all of the issues built within your site and your analytics themselves. When this kind of data is reported, it can take a while to be recognised.

With these real-time visitors and analytics, you can see and spot if anything doesn’t look right.

This would include an incorrect parameter and code, an alarming 404 link, and many other things that will show up immediately and allow you to fix the problem as soon as possible.

multiple devices looking at multiple conversion tracking pixels on a page

Real-Time Analytics Options

Below are some of the best real-time visitor options.

  1. Clicktale

This kind of company and its actual time process are only real time when the programme changes after a specific period.

They are known for recording areas of data, links to data, their session information, and many other sources and links. Unfortunately, their data is only saved for a 24-hour time frame. 

  1. Clicky 

Clicky is one of the well-known real-time options. However, unlike many other options, the data they can provide clients and customers are provided there and then.

They have links to heat maps, on-site analytics, their way of filtering bots, spam removal, and monitoring options.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics does provide some of its data in real-time.

The real-time data they can offer is nowhere near as exciting as others as they do it in small quantities based on the whole analytics package. Also, you can only see parts of the data and reports in real-time.

What Is The Guide To Tracking Real-Time Visitors?

All Websites in the marketing industry have now become one of the most significant assets for finding the right kind of customers through your real-time visitors.

When all of these different visitors come to your business website, you, the owner, and the leading creator get the sole control over how you want your customer experience to go for them.

Website tracking needs to be included in three main categories within your company, and they are:

  1. This will help your marketing team find suitable campaigns to include, incorporate the right content areas, and qualify for the correct type of leads.
  2. This will guide your sales team so they can understand the lead’s motivation, know when these leads should be closed, and move on from them.
  3. It will help your product team work on your users’ overall experience and find a way of increasing your retention levels.

How To Track Your Own Real-Time Visitor Traffic Through Google Analytics?

Tracking your real-time visitor traffic through Google Analytics can be done using reports linked to your dashboard on your website.

The main options in which this can happen are:

  1. Set up your google analytics
  2. Use Google’s search console
  3. Decide which Google links are the most important links to your website and whether you want to keep them
  4. Set up your conversion tracking that can perform wherever you are, as they can tell you if your goals are being met.

image of coding for multiple conversion tracking pixels

Live website Traffic For Real-Time Visitors

Having an understanding of your audience and their behaviour is a must in any kind of marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small; you need to have the option of real-time visitor traffic for your company’s website.

  1. Real-time

Real-time is one of the best kinds of website tracking tools. It gives you the option of the leading top features of a kind of website tracking tool that you could want or need.

Their key features are:

  • Easy to set up and simple to use
  • No tutorials needed
  • Live action on your dashboard
  1.  Fathom

Fathom brings a new kind of revolution to the table regarding website analytics. It is easy to use as a company and provides the correct type of data for the visitors to your website.

They are quicker and faster than many of tr options a,s Google analytics.

  1. Matomo

Matomo is an excellent alternative to Google analytics. It is a simple website analytics tool.

It helps you to keep everything under control because it is included in the central part of your server, which you can easily access.

  1. Manage engine web analyser plus

This option is free, an excellent real-time analytics option and solution.

It provides the right kind of website visitors without any sort of confusion. This is because their user options are so easy to use and understand.

  1. Gauges

Gauge is another option that has a link to Google.

They have claimed that their website tracking is so much quicker that you don’t even have to think about refreshing your page. This is because it focuses on the data for your business.

  1. Mix panel

Mix panel is one of the most reliable tools.

By showing you the right kind of data and seeing if your visitors have liked any of your content. You can also see what kind of questions they have been answering and what they would like to see from your site.

  1. Clicky

Clicky is another excellent tool that is easy to use.

It provides you with real-time data you can trust and rely on whenever you need their help.

  1. Panel bear

Panel bear provides a simple and effective reporting tactic that helps you understand your visitor’s behaviour without including that much effort into the process.

How to Track Your Website Visitors in Real Time

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