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How To Turn Your Site’s Traffic Into Money

There are many ways that you can make money online these days.

If your site is getting a large amount of traffic, one thing you can do is convert that traffic into money. Big companies that get thousands of visitors per day (like Google) use search monetisation to make revenue.

What is Search Monetisation?

Monetisation refers to the process of earning revenue from a resource. Search monetisation uses digital techniques to convert online traffic into profit for your business.

People online with targeted searches are potential customers. They search for what they want – whether that’s a product or an answer. So every search query is a monetisation opportunity. You can make money from peoples’ searches.

Giving users the best possible results for their search along with enhancing it with complementing ads, can generate income.

Ways to Convert Traffic into Money

There are different methods of traffic monetisation. Using the most appropriate one for your site is more beneficial.

Here are some website traffic monetisation methods.

Email Lists

Encouraging visitors to opt-in to your email list is a great way to market. You’ll have a regular audience who you can build to become repeatable customers. But you need consistency.

Having a call to action will bring attention to the email list opt-in. And by having one on every page, or offer something like a free service, you’re compelling page visitors to take action.

Building a relationship through email listing is quite beneficial. It’s a chance to promote a product or service that you offer or provide valuable information. They’ll know that you only provided valuable information so they’re more likely to click through advertisements.

PPC or PPV Advertising

PPC, or pay-per-click, means that your income comes from each click your visitor makes on advertisements on your site.

PPV, pay-per-view, differs from PPC as it isn’t based on clicks but views.

These are two well-known methods as they’re fairly simple. When people click on the ads from your pages, or they reach a certain number of views, you earn money. And receiving high amounts of traffic to your site can bring in a lot of revenue for you.

Not just that but having high site traffic may also open the option of direct selling. You can negotiate and set prices directly with a buyer by selling ad positions on your pages.

Selling a Product or Service

The easiest way to earn cash? Sell your own product or service to visitors.

And if you don’t have your own products or services yet, no need to worry. By placing a product link on your site to another’s product, you’ll make money in the form of a commission if that visitor makes the purchase.

With affiliate marketing, you can choose products and services offered by brands that are relevant to your own site. Plus, you don’t have to worry about directly handling the payments.

Sponsored Posts

Having your SEO on top form, organic traffic to your page has the potential to be high. Integrating sponsored posts which promote others’ services/products is a monetisation method. Maybe you could even include a review or recommendation.

Lots of traffic equals a nice earning.

Tips to Remember

Different properties may require different methods. In terms of advertising, for example, mobile application developers may use in-app advertisements. Those can’t exactly be applied to websites, where the PPC and PPV models are more appropriate.

So to convert traffic into money, you need to offer users what they’re looking for whilst presenting relevant ads matching their focus or intent. If their search intent is based on location, your ads should hold relevancy to that – if they’re UK-based then don’t provide ads for anywhere but the UK.

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