How To Use Explainer Videos To Boost Your SEO Rankings

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How To Use Explainer Videos To Boost Your SEO Rankings

There are many conventional methods to boost your SEO ranking. The most common ones include posting blog content, using pay-per-click advertisements, social media marketing, etc. One of the less known but functional ways to boost your SEO ranking is to use explainer videos.

It might come as a surprise, as most companies and brands look at explainer videos as an effective sales pitch or a mode of educating the customers and building brand awareness. However, with the right technique and distribution, they can impact SEO rankings as well.

According to reports, explainer videos increase the chances of achieving the ultimate search engine ranking goals by 58%, which is to appear on any of Google’s search results pages. How so? Follow the article to find out the various ways explainer video services can help you rank better.

How Can You Utilize Explainer Videos To Optimize Your SEO Ranking?

We are listing ten ways in which explainer videos boost the search ranking of your website. Find out now.

Get Your Video Featured On Search Engines

You can often find YouTube videos featuring on Google search results. Relevant videos appear first when we enter specific keywords on the Google search engine. Thus, when you optimize your explainer video for YouTube, it improves your chances of ranking on Google as well.

Additionally, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. When you publish an engaging explainer video on YouTube, it generates a considerable amount of website traffic, directly impacting your search ranking on Google.

Explainer videos are exciting and keep the audience engaged until the end of it. Add a call-to-action button to lead the audience to your webpage and enhance your chances of generating more traffic and appearing on search results.

Get More Traffic To Your Website

Animated explainer videos are quite popular among audiences. They are exciting and entertaining, which keep the audiences hooked. When it comes to content marketing, videos have proven to be 50% more effective in generating traffic than blog content, says Tubular Insights.

Audiences like to spend their time learning about the brand and getting informed through these explainer videos. They don’t hesitate to share the same with other people to whom it may be relevant. Naturally, there is a significant amount of organic traffic that you gain for your website.

How do you most prefer to learn about a new product?

Source: searchenginewatch

If you are lucky, your video may go viral and get you the bulk of visitors to your webpage. However, it is hard to ensure that the video will go viral, and it is always a trial and error process.

Get More Quality Backlinks

Google algorithms are nearly impossible to decipher. No one can promise to put you on top of the search results, but some standard practices increase the likelihood of achieving SEO ranking goals. One of those is using backlinks, where you feature your content on high ranking websites.

However, you must not expect these authoritative websites to publish random content on their platform. They will make sure that your content adds value to their brand, website, and audience. The content you provide must be fantastic. We can not stress this enough how videos are useful in this context.

Videos relevant to the websites you are approaching can be published independently or in association with their content. Thus, if you can provide them with something they can use and mutually benefit from, they will be happy to feature your explainer video and use backlinks to direct audiences to your web page.

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Convince Influencers To Promote Your Content

Influence marketing is an excellent way to promote your product or brand. But you might ask: How can influencer marketing generate website traffic? Let’s answer it by saying everything is connected. Here is how.

Influencers attract large amounts of audiences who follow the content they publish. The audiences are influenced by their opinion about a product or a brand. Third-party endorsements work like an elixir for raising brand value. Thus, if you can get an influencer to promote your company, you can get more traffic.

Through influencers, you can earn quality backlinks or inbound links that will drive the traffic your way. And the best way to convince the influencer to publish your content is to provide them with something their audiences will enjoy, and the answer to this is a fact-filled and delightful explainer video.

Get Higher Click-Through Rates

Click-through rates determine the success of any marketing campaign. It is the ratio of users who clicked on a particular link to the total number of users on a page. So, when you have a higher click-through rate on your content, you have increased website traffic and a better search ranking.

Now, the question is how to optimize the click-through rate. The answer is our primary topic here: explainer videos. 50% of social media users prefer watching videos to learn how to do something, 68% of users watch explainer videos to find out how to fix something instead of seeking customer support, and 98% of users watch videos to educate themselves about a product.

The math is simple. Explainer videos are more likely to be clicked on by audiences, which means, if you have them on your website, you will not only attract audiences but also keep them there for longer.

200 to 300 of marketers include an explainer video

Source: switchvideo

Add SEO Friendly Keywords In Transcripts

80% of users watch videos muted. This means graphics and animations used in them attract the audiences more. Does this mean you are in trouble? No! It is just the opposite. Now you can use transcripts to convey the message delivered through your explainer video.

Adding transcripts to your explainer videos gives you an added opportunity to add valuable keywords in the captions that search bots can scan for, directly impacting your SEO ranking.

Improve Your Retention Rate

The common belief is that Google algorithms use web crawlers to discover publicly available web pages, scan for the most common keyword, and run from link to links to gather data for the Google server, which is true. But there is one more factor that Google considers while determining search result rankings.

Google keeps track of the time that average users spend on a webpage. The average time of website visits is 8 seconds. By publishing an engaging explainer video, you can retain the visitors on a page up to 2minutes or even more if they watch it more than once.

This optimizes your audience retention by 1500%. This tells Google that your website or web page has valuable content and inspires them to rank you accordingly.

Audience Engagement On Multiple Pages

It should be evident by now that explainer videos attract and engage audiences. They look for it, enjoy it, and share it. But there is still another way to drive the audience in your favour, and we are just about to find out how.

It is paramount to include a CTA or call to action button at the end of your content, and it goes for every kind of content. With videos, the chances of the audience responding increases.

Clicks Generated On Pages With Videos


Thus, you have the upper hand. You can lead the audiences to other relevant pages.

For example, studies have shown that 64% of online buyers decide on purchasing while watching a video about it. So, you can publish your explainer video on the home page. At the end of the video, you can direct them to your product page and make a sale while simultaneously attracting viewership on different pages and generating traffic.

Get Better Social Signals

Did you know that Google has started counting social signals as one of the significant indicators of website performance and consider it a factor in determining websites’ SEO ranking? Now that you do, you might want to optimize your social signals.

Once again, explainer videos are instrumental and influential. You can publish your video content on multiple social media channels, which will automatically broaden your reach and optimize backlinks, resulting in better social signals.

Better social signals mean more traffic to your website and higher search ranking. Additionally, you can establish yourself as an authority by publishing your explainer videos on different social media platforms.

Improve The Value Of Your Blog

Reports suggest that by 2022, 205 million people will watch video content on their smartphones, and the numbers are expected to expand even more. So, what does it mean for you?

It means that most of your consumers, audiences, or prospects are using their mobile devices to access social media channels, search engines, websites, etc. Smartphones are not text-friendly. Thus, a standard text dominated blog will not help you anymore.

To connect with more people and engage them in your blog, you must include visual or audiovisual content. The effectiveness of audiovisual content is much higher compared to other forms of content. Thus, including a video will directly impact your blog’s quality and consequently retain audiences on your web page.

Pages with more images and videos get more customers

Source: business2community

Grab The Opportunity

The best part about video marketing is that it’s multifunctional. So, what are you waiting for? Get on with explainer video production and create excellent content to get the best ROI. Give your company the holy-grail of video marketing and enjoy the sweet fruit of organic ranking.

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