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How To Use Facebook Live For Your Business

Since launching in 2015, Facebook Live has become an excellent feature for businesses of all sizes. In recent years, Facebook Live has well and truly exploded, with a range of businesses using the tool to “jump on” Facebook and share news, updates and exciting announcements with their audience and customers.

In this blog, we are going to share our tips for using Facebook Live for your business.

How Does Facebook Live Work?

It’s simple really. Facebook Live is a free feature that uses the camera and audio (on your desktop or mobile device) to broadcast a live video to Facebook.

Facebook users can watch and engage with the live as you are streaming. They can also view it after it has finished (it saves to your Facebook videos).

You can choose who sees your Facebook Live, which is beneficial if you are targeting a specific audience. There are various reasons to use Facebook Live for your business.

For example, businesses use Facebook Live to live stream events (it has been super useful during the pandemic!!), share news with their audience, launch products and services and interview industry professionals.

The Benefits OF Using Facebook Live For Your Business

When it comes to creating content as part of your digital marketing strategy – video content is winning.

Search engines (Google etc.) and social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram LOVE video content. They love it because their users love it.

Their users want videos more so than anything else. And they engage with videos more than other types of content. So, it is no surprise that social media platforms (especially Facebook), will favour video content over other types of content.

If you want to increase brand awareness and reach your audience on social media, you should be curating relevant and useful video content.

Facebook Live is free and easy to use. During the Facebook Live, you can see the number of people watching and you can see the comments and engagements as they come in. You can even interact with watchers.

Plus, you don’t need any special equipment for a Facebook Live. Just your smartphone, laptop or desktop (providing it has a webcam).

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Top Tips For Using Facebook Live For Your Business

Streaming your very first Facebook Live can be a little daunting! But with these tips, you will become a Facebook Live Pro in no time at all.

Have A Goal In Mind

What do you want to get from this Facebook Live? Do you want to educate your audience? Do you want to showcase a new product or service? Do you want to share exciting news and increase brand awareness? Are you aiming to grow your Facebook audience? Do you want leads off the back of it?

Ensure you have a goal in mind when doing a Facebook Live, it will help you when it comes to planning and delivering your Facebook live streams. It’ll also help you achieve the long term goals of your business.

Choose A Topic

The topic you live stream about should be something that is relevant to your target audience. For example, do your customers have pain points you want to address in a live stream? Here are ideas you can use when choosing topics for your Facebook Live:

  • Spotlight on specific product or service
  • Answering customer FAQs
  • Tutorial or Top Tips on a product or service you offer
  • Interview with industry professional
  • Company news announcement
  • Discussion about latest industry trend
  • Go behind the scenes of your business
  • Do a live Q&A with your Facebook audience
  • Live giveaway/competition

You can also draw on ideas from past blog posts. At GrowTraffic, we do a “Friday Facebook Session” every week, which is a 30 minute Facebook Live sharing digital marketing tips for our audience. Past topics include “Managing Your Own Facebook Ads” and “Attracting The Right Web Traffic”.

Create A Facebook Event

Creating a Facebook Event for your Facebook Live will make it easier for you to promote your Live. Creating an event is simple.

Head to your Facebook business page, click Events and then click Create Event before filling in the necessary details i.e. event name, time and date, location (which will be used to set the time zone), privacy/public settings etc.

You can even create a graphic for your Facebook Event using Canva (it’s free!).

Shout About The Event

Once you have created your Facebook Event, be sure to promote it! Share it on your business page, personal page and on your stories. You can also share the link across other social media platforms.

Encourage your colleagues, friends and others to share the event on their social media platforms. You can also post about it in relevant Facebook groups.

women launching giveaway over live stream

Invite Guests On

Guests give your audience another reason to tune in to your Facebook Live. A guest may be a leader in the industry, an expert on a specific topic or trend, a colleague, client or even competitor.

Aside from creating relevant and varied content, having a guest on will likely increase the number of views and engagement. This is because the guest will promote the event on their own social media and invite their audience to watch.

Plan Well And Be Consistent

Once you are comfortable live streaming on Facebook, you should ensure that Facebook Live’s are a regular part of your social media marketing strategy. Have topics pencilled in well in advance so you can invite guests on.

And ensure that your Facebook Live’s take place at the same time every week. Also, always schedule an event beforehand. Your audience will appreciate the consistency and will be more likely to tune in.

Use Be.Live

Be.Live will be an incredibly useful tool if you are live streaming with other people (guests) that are located elsewhere. It has been a particularly great tool during lockdowns. It is an external platform that allows up to four people to join the same Facebook or Instagram live stream at the same time.

It has lots of cool features. It allows you to split the screen with your guests, conduct virtual “face to face” interviews, post watcher comments on the screen during the live and share photos with your audience.

When You Are Live…

When you are live streaming on Facebook, always start by introducing yourself and any guests that are joining you. You should also give a brief overview of the topic before you start. At the end, be sure to include a call to action, for example:

Thank you so much for watching! If you would like to find out more about <insert topic> please head to our website www.companywebsite.com or contact us at info@companyname.com. Alternatively, pop any questions in the comments below and we will be sure to get back to you!”.

Get Feedback From Facebook Polls

After your Facebook Live, chat to your audience and gain feedback. This could be something as simple as posting a status asking for feedback. Or it could be a poll to help you choose the next topic. Polls are particularly great for engagement.

Repurpose The Facebook Video

Make the most out of your Facebook Live! You can reformat it and upload it to your YouTube channel. Plus, you can transcribe it and turn it into a blog for your website. You could also take snippets, pointers or statistics from it and turn them into social media graphics.

Get In Touch

If you would like to find out more about creating kick-ass video content for your business, get in touch with GrowTraffic.

GrowTraffic is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Lancashire and Yorkshire. We specialise in SEO but offer a range of services, including content marketing and social media management.

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