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How To Use Facebook Retargeting For Traffic Generation

Reconnecting with users who have previously interacted with your brand can be managed through the us of ads on Facebook. These are retargeting ads.

Facebook retargeting is a tool you can use to generate more traffic to your site aside from the other advertising methods (search engine ads).

Exactly how can you use Facebook retargeting to generate more traffic? Let’s review it!

What Is Facebook Retargeting?

Retargeting is a PPC strategy – that’s pay-per-click. Your ads are shown to people who are familiar with your brand. If they’ve ever interacted with any social pages or your website, they’re the target market.

So if they already know about you, what’s the point? The point is action. They know about you but they haven’t made a purchase yet. That’s what retargeting is for.

People are more likely to purchase from a company they’ve already heard of.

Why Should I Use Facebook Retargeting?

Only this type of online advertising provides marketers with the opportunity to make potential customer re-engage with the brand.

Impressively, statistics have shown that retargeting has reduced abandoned carts by 6.5%. Not only that but retargeting has shown to beat all other ad strategies with an efficiency rate of over 1000%.

Additionally, 37% of customers have clicked retargeted ads due to the appeal of a product. We’ve all been there at one point – absolutely loving a product but conflicted over actually buying it. Maybe we have a budget or we’ve already splurged so instead we ignore it.

But then we see it again and think, it must be fate. This time, it’s a too tempting so we buy it. A very successful strategy.

That explains why 68% of marketing agencies now have a specialised budget just for remarketing strategy.

Facebook Retargeting Strategies

So now you know what retargeting is and some impressive statistics it has. Now you need to know strategies for using Facebook retargeting purposefully.

There’s really no right or wrong way but if you don’t specify certain requirements, you won’t reach the intended audience.

Create a Custom Audience

Retargeting ads toward individuals who didn’t know about your brand anyway aren’t going to become customers. At least, it’s very unlikely.

You need to set up retargeting ads for each stage of the marketing funnel. Each targeted audience needs to see the most relevant ad to them. Specific actions you’re interested in targeting, such as home page visitors or product page visitors, can be added to a list for creating a custom audience.

For new audiences, start with an introduction – make them aware of your brand. They don’t need to become customers right away but hopefully they’ll engage. Then, they can be listed for retargeting ads.

Creating ads that are relevant to where customers are at in their customer journey will work beneficially for you.

Re-Engaging Lost Customers

Some clients go AWOL sometimes. They haven’t visited your site or made a purchase in a while. And some have been visiting your site but never made a purchase.

That’s a potential target audience for your remarketing strategy. Giving them the nudge they need to either come back to you or convert to being a customer.

You can use email marketing for this particular strategy. A nice, personalised email to your customers is sure to get their attention. Especially ones with a lovely subject line – how about ‘We Miss You!’?

Don’t worry, we know everyone doesn’t check email inboxes. Email service providers can give you information on who hasn’t engaged with (or even opened) your emails. So you can target them another way – hm, how about Facebook retargeting?


Sometimes, customers visit our products, add them into their carts and then leave. They don’t make a purchase, but they also don’t empty the cart. Maybe they’re saving it for later, maybe they’ve forgotten about it. Or maybe they didn’t have the budget at the time.

There’s a quick solution for that. Reminders.

Informing them of their unemptied cart will cause them to re-engage. And maybe if there’s an added extra – like a first-time discount or free shipping – they’ll be more encouraged to make the purchase this time.

Make Necessary Exclusions

If customers have already converted, don’t retarget to them. Otherwise they’ll continue seeing your ads to the point where they might try and opt out (especially if it’s through email).

It’s easy to manage and they can always be re-included if they appear inactive.

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