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How to Use LinkedIn Cold Messaging and Get Responses

Cold messaging can often be a bugbear for many business owners. They are often the messages that get the least amount of responses on LinkedIn – when not done effectively. Have you been trying cold messaging on LinkedIn to no avail? This blog is going to offer you some top tips on how to use LinkedIn cold messaging and get responses!

LinkedIn Cold Messaging

It is no secret that LinkedIn is a social media platform that can massively change a business. The powerful channel is considered the largest professional tool on the web and can help businesses connect with others both in and out of their industry. If you are wanting to reach leads, prospects and potential customers or clients, you may have heard of cold messaging. Cold messaging on LinkedIn, when done efficiently, can set you apart from other competitors within your industry. 

With that being said, however, there is a fine line between attracting and bugging potential customers.

Let’s explore our top tips for when it comes to using LinkedIn cold messaging, and how to use it in a way that actually generates fruitful responses.

Getting Responses Through Cold Messaging 

These top tips are aimed at LinkedIn cold messaging, but that isn’t to say that this advice isn’t transferable to other forms of outbound sales messages to potential clients or prospects.

Writing effective cold messages can be tough – it’s kind of like trying to make new friends at school. But it could be the make or break to the growth of your business, either try and make connections or miss your chance!

So… how can you write the perfect cold message that will actually get responses, I hear you ask.

Let’s delve in!

Find Common Ground

This links us back to my point of making friends. The aim of messaging potential leads is to develop that relationship, ultimately leading them down the funnel into becoming paying customers. The advantage of cold messaging on LinkedIn specifically is that the platform offers you a certain amount of information on a person, including their job role, educational and work background and from there you can make informed decisions on their interests, thus making it simpler to find common ground and spark up a conversation.

When crafting your first cold message to a potential lead, make sure it is built on the foundation of commonality – consider what you have in common and ensure your message is targeted, relevant and personal.

Mutual Connections

Again, think of how much easier it is to spark a relationship in the real world, when there is a metal friend involved! It is always easier to start conversations if there is a mutual party that can vouch for you.

Relying on a mutual connection to make the first move is often a way of softening the blow if you will, making it easier to make strong connections on the platform.

Don’t Sell Straightaway

How many times have you received a message where a clear sales message is in the first line? How many times have you scrolled past these messages?

In your face sales calls aren’t the way forward when it comes to making meaningful connections in the business world. Instead, save the selling until later in the conversation. Starting a message on common ground and sparking that relationship before hitting them with more sales, is crucial for developing trust and putting the human connection back into business.

Sales first messages often appear as though you are begging a stranger for a sale, and almost always, don’t end in a successful conversion.

Short And Sweet

LinkedIn cold messaging is a form of social media messaging – not emailing.

The length of the message in fact has a direct impact on people’s willingness to reply – more often than not because they don’t get to the end of the message if it is paragraph after paragraph of your sales pitch. The goal of cold messaging is to get the recipient to respond – that’s it. Hardly anyone buys from the first message, so get them connected with you before you attempt to sell.

There is a fine line here. We want to keep our cold messages short and punchy without appearing blunt and cold in our approach. This is where common ground works so well!

Why Should They Reply?

A key question to ask yourself when cold messaging is – why should they reply? People often want to know what they will get out of something. Incentivise their response! And with this, I don’t mean quite literally pay them to respond but consider what would encourage you to reply.

Consider ways to keep the conversation active, and going back and forth. Maybe include a question, whether it be about the common ground you have found or asking them for their insights and advice – people like to feel wanted!

LinkedIn Cold Messaging With GrowTraffic

LinkedIn Cold Messaging is one way to grow your business, specifically across social media platforms, but there are so many other ways in which you can enrich your professional connections and in turn, grow your business.

If you would like to learn more about business growth, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the GrowTraffic team.

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