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How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business

Pinterest is more than a social media platform. It is a visual search engine. And if you’re not yet using Pinterest to grow your business, it’s time to start. In this blog, we’re going to share our top tips for how to use Pinterest to grow your business.

Do I Need Pinterest For My Business?

Many business owners believe their audience isn’t on Pinterest. And so, they pour their social media marketing efforts into other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. But the truth is, Pinterest is just as much of a sales platform as it is a visual search engine. And the statistics prove it…

  • Pinterest has 459 million monthly active users. And 60% of these are women.
  • In the UK, 31% of millennials with a household income of over £100k are on Pinterest.
  • 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded
  • 46% of Pinterest users (AKA Pinners) have discovered new brands, products and businesses through the platform.
  • 61% of Pinterest users in the UK say that Pinterest is the place they start when they’re taking on a new project.
  • 55% of Pinners are looking for specific products.
  • 84% of weekly users use Pinterest to help decide what to buy.

Pinterest is essentially a platform for you to increase awareness of your brand and sell your product and services to your target audience.

Top Tips For How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business

As with all social media platforms, it will take time and effort to grow your Pinterest audience. But with our tips, you will be able to increase traffic to your website and grow your bottom line through Pinterest.

Optimise Your Pinterest Business Profile

Your social media profiles should always be optimised – and this includes Pinterest. To start with, ensure your Pinterest profile is in line with your brand. Have a hi-res company logo that is correctly sized as your Pinterest profile picture.

And add a cover photo that catches the eye yet stays within your brand colours. You want to ensure that your brand colours and style is consistently reflected throughout your Pinterest profile, boards and pins.

Ensure your website URL and company contact details are visible. And write a short yet clear description outlining what your brand does/is and what your Pinterest followers can expect to see from you.

You should also embed your Pinterest profile within your website. You can even add Pinterest save buttons to products on your website. Similarly, adding a link to your Pinterest account on your other social media platforms enables your existing followers to find you on Pinterest.

Show your audience the very best of your pins by adding some of your best boards to the ‘Featured Boards’ section that appears at the top of your profile.

Research Your Audience

Which categories is your audience looking at the most? Which categories does your business fit into? What time should you be posting to give your pin a better chance of gaining engagement? What kind of content is your audience looking for? What inspires them?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself before creating content for your Pinterest. Once you have a better understanding of your audience, you can curate pins that inspire your target audience.

On Pinterest, some categories are more popular than others. For example, in 2019, the top categories included Travel, Health & Wellness, Home Renovation Projects, Women’s Style, Beaty and Food & Drink.

The popularity of Pinterest categories changes over time, so it is important to understand which categories your audience is currently using the most. And it’s equally important to understand which categories your brand/products fall into.

There may be some categories that your brand does not quite fall into, but you can still create content for them if it is in line with your product or service.

For example, a wedding planning business would primarily fall into the ‘Event Planning’ and ‘Weddings’ categories. However, they could also create content for other categories such as wedding makeup inspiration pins for the ‘Beauty’ category or wedding dessert table pins for the ‘Food & Drink’ category.

How to use Pinterest to grow your business blog

Establish Clear Goals

Once you have a better understanding of your target Pinterest audience, you should set objectives. What business goals are you hoping to achieve by using Pinterest?

Perhaps you are a new business hoping to increase brand awareness within your industry. Or maybe you would like to drive traffic to your website with the hope of increasing sales. Perhaps you are launching a new product range and want to showcase it to your audience. Or, maybe you have several objectives.

Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve can help with the next step – creating a content plan and publishing pins. For example, you can create a board telling the story of your brand. Or you can create and publish a series of pins showcasing your latest product range.

Create A Strategic Content Plan

Your content plan will outline what type of content is to be posted and when. We suggest using keyword research to gain an insight into what your audience is searching for on Pinterest.

Then, tailor content that will help you achieve your objectives. You need to be posting regularly and consistently on Pinterest.

Your plan should include various types of Pinterest posts including informational posts (i.e. Top 3 tips for…), instructional posts (i.e. How To guides), inspirational posts and aesthetically pleasing posts. There should also be a mix of seasonal and trending content.

It’s also a great idea to create a board that is dedicated to your blog.

Spend Time On The Visuals

Pinterest has provided valuable information on “creative best practices” which will help you create eye-catching imagery that is sure to get engagement.

Your images should always be hi res, eye-catching images in colours that catch the attention of the pinner yet don’t stray too far from your brand theme.

They should be sized specifically for Pinterest and should include a mix of images, Instructorgraphics (infographics for Pinterest) and images with text overlays. Each image should subtly include the brand logo and should show context.

Lighter images should be posted more frequently than darker images, as they are re-pinned 20x more. Plus, you should avoid posting images with faces in them, as these get 23% fewer re-pins.

Post Frequently And Optimise Pins

Always. Optimise. Your. Pins.

Creating excellent pins is just the beginning. But if you want them to be found and shared by your target audience, you need to optimise each pin.

Write clear Pin titles and descriptions that always include the keyword or key phrase you are targeting. The keyword should also be added to the pin image file names. You can also add direct site links in descriptions to increase website traffic.

Add a call to pin (a call to action for Pinterest – what else?!). At the end of the pin description, add a short call to pin, such as “Repin to your inspiration board!”. And don’t forget to share your pins in your company newsletter.

Follow And Engage

Aside from creating your own content, you should also be pinning content from other sources. By engaging in this way, your business Pinterest profile will come across as more authentic, and more Pinners will want to interact with it.

Ensure you are only pinning external content that is high-quality, amazing to look at and in line with your boards.

You can also increase your engagement by following popular boards and commenting on them, replying to followers comments, commenting on followers pins and inviting followers to pin on your boards.

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